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  1. rtbbq2

    Spicy Lime Chili Jerky

    Looks awesome 👌
  2. rtbbq2

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome to the group. Also from Minnesota.
  3. rtbbq2

    Brisket issues

    Just smoke that bad boy and post pics when it's done.
  4. rtbbq2


    Can't help you with that smoker. No experience but welcome to the group..
  5. rtbbq2

    Cure Question

    Yup, cure #2 at 1/4 teaspoon per 1-1/4 pound. The main difference is cure#1 is salt and sodium nitrite. Cure #2 is salt, sodium nitrite, and sodium nitrate. Cure #1 is used when you are going to be cooking the meat, and cure #2 is used for dry cured meats. Think of cure #2 as a time released cure.
  6. rtbbq2

    Spatchcock turkey questions

    If you dry the skin overnight in the fridge you will have crispy skin at 325 smoker temp. I did this one yesterday.
  7. rtbbq2

    what's fatting out?

    Yes, also don't put sausage in a hot smoker. It can make the casings tough.
  8. rtbbq2

    what's fatting out?

    Don't run your smoker any higher than 165 and you should be able to avoid the fat melting. Sausage is done at 152 degrees then plunge into ice water to cool to 100 degrees. Keep sausage from being shriveled up.
  9. rtbbq2

    Tough Sticks and Summer Sausage

    Sometimes casings can be tough. Try to soak then Sometimes casings can be tough. Try soaking overnight and reminding. That seems to remove more salt. Als
  10. rtbbq2

    Pellet Grill Purchase to do Sausage

    180 degrees is too high to smoke sausage. I own a RecTeq but bought a Master built MES30 for doing sausage and fish.
  11. rtbbq2

    What your favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

    I haven't made onion pie in a long time. Thanks for sparking my memory.
  12. rtbbq2

    Gander Mountain 5 pound stainless stuffer for $54.99 through 11/14/2015

    I have the same one. Good size for me. Works like a dream...  
  13. rtbbq2

    Kielbasa and Ring Bologna in the New Smokehouse

    Very nice looking sausage!
  14. rtbbq2

    New to smoking sausage....

    ................................We have rules about pics around here...
  15. rtbbq2

    Danger zone when injecting (1st time injector)

    ...Spot on JJ.
  16. rtbbq2

    New to smoking sausage....

    I can't add anything to what already has been said except. Enjoy your smoke.....
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    whole hog roast for my birth day!!!!

  18. rtbbq2

    Char-griller Kamado Kooker 16619

    Dan, I have had my Kamado Kooker for some years now. You should start with a 1/4 of a chimney of lump coal at most. Keep the vents open to only 2 at the top and almost closed at the bottom. You will get the low temperature you are looking for. A diffuser stone is a must so good that you ordered...
  19. rtbbq2

    Oops, left meat out

    It seems simple to me. If the food was left out over night...THROW IT AWAY OR RISK FOOD BORN ILLNESS!.........RTBBQ...
  20. rtbbq2

    Salami Question

     Cure #2 is normally used for dry cured meats that are hung at room temperature such as salami pepperoni and such. Check out the link....RTBBQ...