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  1. dgross

    Keith's Pulled Pork finishing sauce/ dipping sauce

    Sounds good! Have you ever thought of using some Chipoltle Tabasco instead or in addition to the cayenne pepper? Adds a little heat and nice smoke flavor .
  2. dgross

    Summer Class of 2013

    Congrats to all of you and keep up the great work!! Thanks for your contributions to SMF!
  3. dgross

    your orgin

    On Mom's side, I'm 3rd gen. originally from Germany and Scotch-Irish. On Dad's side my hubby likes to joke and say that we came over on the Juneflower instead of the Mayflower since we can trace our heritage back to the early 1600's in Savannah, Ga. Hey, wasn't that a prison colony back then  LOL!!
  4. dgross

    What's your occupation?

    Retired and lovin' it !
  5. dgross

    New to the forum, my first pnwba comp this Sunday.

    Congrats on competing! Wish you all the best and I'm sure you will get some great feedback here. Are you doing an NC vinegar based sauce, mustard style, or a tomato based sauce. Would love to know , that would help us tweak your smoking to your specific needs. Best of luck!! D
  6. dgross

    Any reccomendations for a long lasting digital themometer?

    bgosnel151, Thanks for the suggestion, this looks like a great find. My hubby is into baking bread and this looks like a great all purpose therm. for general use for our different interests! Thanks again to you all and would still love to hear any other suggestions since I won't be purchasing...
  7. dgross

    Any reccomendations for a long lasting digital themometer?

    Will definitely check that one out, thanks for the input!!
  8. dgross

    Any reccomendations for a long lasting digital themometer?

    176 on the larger of the two, that is ok 'cause I have great jams and a great frosty bev. by my side ;). I do think that the local windy conditions have hindered my smoking times today though. Oh well, that is part of chasing the sometimes elusive TBS- lol!
  9. dgross

    Any reccomendations for a long lasting digital themometer?

    Just looked at the iGrill website, looks awesome. Just have to update my smartphone since I still have a DroidX, LOL!! Thanks for all of the input from you fellow smokers !! Going to check my 2 boston butts now with an analog device .
  10. dgross

    Any reccomendations for a long lasting digital themometer?

    Sorry, also need to check out the iGrill dual probe also .
  11. dgross

    Any reccomendations for a long lasting digital themometer?

    Thanks so much for your recommendations dirtsailor2003! I've known about the Thermopen for years, but was hoping for a cheaper option. Haven't heard about the Maveric and will have to do some research on that. Thanks again for such a quick reply! Enjoy your smoke! D
  12. dgross

    Any reccomendations for a long lasting digital themometer?

    Hi everyone :)! I need a recommendation for a good thermometer that won't crap out after a couple of smokes. Had a couple of good ones that worked for a few years and then died. The polder replacement worked for only one smoke and has gone fubar on me... Very frustrated ;)! Would love some input...
  13. dgross


    Welcome and hope you enjoy all of the info as well as the people on SMF :)! Happy smoking from NC
  14. dgross

    Hi from a Damm Yankee in Tennessee

    Welcome and glad you are here! My mother was a damn yankee from upstate NY and used to joke that she could live the rest of her life and not see another snowflake lol! Hope you enjoy using your new toy and have a happy Thanksgiving !
  15. dgross

    Looking for specific brine recipie..

    Thanks so much for looking for me, seems that Jeff's brine is the only one I could find with those ingredients also . After much searching here and on djdebbie's website, I think I am going to improvise and use a mix of apple and orange juices with maybe some sage, garlic powder and pepper and...
  16. dgross

    Looking for specific brine recipie..

         Hi everyone :)! I am looking for a brine recipie that contains zatarans crab boil and apple juice that I found on here a few years ago. If anyone knows where this lives, I would greatly appreciate a link, or a nudge in the right direction :)! Thanks in advance and enjoy your Thanksgiving...
  17. dgross

    Bacon Mayo

    This sounds delish and is another good reason for saving your bacon grease ;)!!
  18. dgross

    Smoke then fry?

    Hmmm, just found out that the turkey we are getting tomorrow is larger than 14 lbs. and you guys just may have solved my dilemma ! I was a little concerned about the danger zone myself, and since I have a turkey fryer upstairs ( that has been sadly neglected ) this might just be the way for us...
  19. dgross

    N. Fl Gathering V

    Looking at last year's pics sure make this Gathering a temptation for 2011 :) :)!! Might have to lean on the hubby to come to this one since he IS recently retired (does that word really ever apply-LOL):) ;). Looks like you have just the place to host a bunch of smoke-heads like us-lol!! Best...
  20. dgross

    Amish Mustard Eggs ...My Mom said to share this with you guys...

    Hi there neighbor :)! I'd love to know how those eggs turned out since we just found a local, organic supply for our eggs and my hubby LOVES some deviled eggs! Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving season! Daun