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  1. mrgrumpy

    BBQ Competition!!!

    I've seen this a couple of times now on KCBS.  I may be interested if I can swing it... my work schedule is crazy, so I will have to wait until probably late spring before I will know for sure.  If you have any info, please let me know. I will pm you with my email. Thanks, Bill Smoke-N-My-I's...
  2. mrgrumpy

    Que and Cruz, Louisa VA

    Partially packed.... I plan on heading out Thursday morning. I hear that the early arrivals will have a better chance at the GC... See ya all there.... have a safe trip.
  3. mrgrumpy

    future smoker ?

    They look like they are service access doors for working on the internals.... I would take a took at it.... there is some good potential there, and the price is right.... If those are access doors, (bolted on), it would not be hard to hinge them. And they would be cut to have a good fit as...
  4. mrgrumpy

    Que and Cruz, Louisa VA

    Smoke-N-My-I's BBQ Team That B me.... stop by if you are in the area.... Any others from SMF going? ? ? ? ?
  5. mrgrumpy

    Hot Dang, I got my Lang!!

    Great looking investment.... I am sure if you have questions on yours, you can contact Tonto. They got a Lang 60 last year... looks just like yours, except they also got the warmer/grill on the front....
  6. mrgrumpy

    Hot Dang, I got my Lang!!

    You don't have to... that is my job...
  7. mrgrumpy

    Non sanctioned comp in NC

    2 slots for sure taken, 2 pending. If you are interested, speak quickly....
  8. mrgrumpy

    Non sanctioned comp in NC

    I have been asked to organize a bbq at our church. We decided to have a non-sanctioned event March 29th-30th. Set up will be after noon on Saturday the 29th with turn in on Sunday around noon. We will incorporate this event with our 20th anniversary in the area. We would like to have 6 to 8...
  9. mrgrumpy

    Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

    I just got a V485. I love it. I found it on Craigslist still in the box, brand new, for $25.... I did, believe this or not, read the instruction manual and watched the video that came with it. It does tell you to either freeze first the liquid juices, soups, etc first then vacuum seal...
  10. mrgrumpy

    Free Smoker!

    Can't beat that price..... If the only galvanized is the handles on the outside, I wouldn't worry about it. They will not hurt anything out there. You just don't want it on the inside in direct contact with the heat and/or meat.... I think once you get it cleaned up, and oiled up, and see...
  11. mrgrumpy

    Polder Dual Sensor thermometer

    Yepper.... I have one and love it. Not sure of the model number right off, but it has the dual bulb. The only draw back that I have found, is if you go to foil and you leave the probe in the meat, you loose the pit temp, as it will be inside the foil. If you pull the therm out, then wrap...
  12. mrgrumpy

    New House - Landscaping Ideas

    What about astroturf and gravel... that would leave more time for smoking and building the smoke house... just a thought.
  13. mrgrumpy

    New Char-Griller Super Pro W/SFB

    Way to go Fish..... Nice present. I didn't know Santa came that early. Oh, mine did too. I also have 2 of them critters, so if you need some help pimping your grill, I can help too. I am in hope to have already been out of here heading for vacation, but the women are still getting...
  14. mrgrumpy

    Happy Birthday Bud's BBQ

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the Grumpy old man.... I knew there was something special about tonight when I came home from work and made this evenings meal. I had told momma I was gonna make her something special. Beer batter shrimp Coconut batter shrimp steamed brocolli baked potato hush puppies...
  15. mrgrumpy

    Good deal

    My 9 year old grandson has gotten where he likes to cook with his grumpy. I will buy him dogs as that is his favorite to cook on his own 18 1/2 Weber that I found on Craigslist for free. It is just his size. He even told me that he wants to go to the next competition and cook the hot dogs for...
  16. mrgrumpy

    Starting a competition, lookin for help

    I haven't logged on for a while, but I have been following the posts whenever I got a chance. This is a super idea. I am so glad to see the kids doing hands on projects and getting involved. I am sure these kids will make something for themselves. If nothing more than being able to do some...
  17. mrgrumpy

    Good deal

    Nice score... that sounds like something I would do....
  18. mrgrumpy

    Do NOT open until December 25

    I told you not to open until December 25th (Christmas Day on my calendar) Why are you looking early??? Gotcha. So while you are here:
  19. mrgrumpy

    Smithfield's Slammin'BBQ

    I just got off the phone with Sinclair Communications. Their website has it listed as an annual event. Bob Sinclair - Sinclair Communications 999 Waterside Drive, Suite 500, Norfolk, Virginia 23510 Office: 757-640-8500, Fax: 757-640-8552 I was told that...
  20. mrgrumpy

    First attempt at Venison

    My son called me on Wednesday afternoon and wanted to know how much freezer room I had..... He brought a full shoulder, a shoulder blade, both racks of ribs, and what ya call it??? backstrap thingies...... Well, he then tells me it was just shot and field dressed and on ice. We wrapped it...