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  1. mctrick

    Cooking Chili for about 150 people. Charity event

    cheech on the forum for catering there is a resizing tool for recipces. that you can take and enter a small chilly and it will give you the amount for 150 people. Mike.
  2. mctrick

    Low Fat, low sugar, kick AS$ BBQ sauce

    stang the photo of the engine is this the engine n your race car? Nice mill.
  3. mctrick

    It's PigCicles' Birthday!!

    happy birthday pigcicle. many more years of smoke to you. Mike
  4. mctrick


    glad to see the comments!
  5. mctrick

    Complete Newbie

    My name is mike and I go by mctrick,There is a lot of knowledge in all of the forums and its all for just asking. I live in Omaha, Nebraska and only been on forum for 3 weeks. welcome
  6. mctrick

    Brisket in Old Smokey

    It look real good on my screen,and would make a tasty meal
  7. mctrick


    burnning off steam
  8. mctrick


    just some pictures of yesterday smoking
  9. mctrick

    Buckboard Bacon

    would they have it at the bass pro shop or Cabela's.That looks sooooo good! exclent job and pic's.
  10. mctrick


    I take it your an iron worker hats off to you. heavy work. The company I drive for is out of Waterloo,Wi haul mail from Omaha to bronx Ny . But only go as far as South Bend,In That where I'm at tonight. super 8 it. leave here at 11:00pm back to home.
  11. mctrick


    Chris its hard and cant be flexed but thier maybe something that can be used. My brother is in home construction repair and may have an idea. Chris I just talk to my brother and he said to cut another 55gal drum into section and weld them onto your chamber for a double wall and put insultion in...
  12. mctrick


    excellent Coz its great making things from scrap metal. first have you gotten your racks yet cause your going to want to fit the size of the box to the rack,unless you already done that? I still like the concrete wall board and it comes in 24"x36"sheets sizes. I'm going to use them in the rear...
  13. mctrick


    I assume that your making this yourself and what size are you going to make it and shape of it . secondary firer box or single standing unit. single standing unit you can use a double wall construction and will not use as much fuel as a single wall. and wouldn't use any type of insulation other...
  14. mctrick

    7 legged deer

    7 legged deer . I just read a news report about a man who ran over a deer while driving down his driveway. 7 Legged Deer
  15. mctrick

    resizing meals

    Tim in your profile it says business owner,what type of business do you own. Im sorry for the spelling.
  16. mctrick

    resizing meals

    I never payed to much about it myself.Just as long as my food hot!
  17. mctrick

    resizing meals

    French fry warmer is a infered lamp bulb(s) counter top unit that helps hold the the frys at temp longer. you can get them in one or up to four bulb units. They also use them to keep meat at temp on cutting boards at restaurants. next time your at Grannys buffet and the person that serve the...
  18. mctrick

    resizing meals

    Thank tim, I came across it doing research for a french fry warmmer. I noticed that your for Tulsa and the web master tulsajeff is from Sapulpa. My nephews and neice live there and the picture of the cow in the back yard is at my nephew in Sapulpa on the 4th,06.
  19. mctrick

    Still fighting w/ the heat

    what type of smoker do you have? If its an offset fire box try putting a wire grat in under the charcoal bed with a enought air space for ash to fall away from the main heat bed. 2" space will do. I just went back and look on the web for your syle of smoker. If you go-to U-Haul and get a movers...
  20. mctrick

    Quanity and Resizing Charts

    I listed this in another forum and seen some people asking about menu sizing for large groups. I found this link to resize