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  1. raastros2

    Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

    Making these today for the first time bud
  2. raastros2


    Welcome, next set up you got there
  3. raastros2

    22 pound turkey

    Thanks man
  4. raastros2

    22 pound turkey

    Smoking in my brothers MES this time around so highest temp is 275
  5. raastros2

    22 pound turkey

    Just curious how long y'all think a 22 pound bird will take in the smoker at 260
  6. raastros2

    Favorite Beer

    Shiner out of Texas makes a bunch of go to beers
  7. raastros2

    Maybe an easy one fellas....

    Might just have to put a fan by the firebox and adjust your dampeners
  8. raastros2

    Labor Day brisket

    Looks nice and juicy
  9. raastros2

    Brisket Practice

  10. raastros2

    First timers on Labor day weekend

  11. raastros2

    Advice on a smoker for a rookie

    I have the older Oklahoma joe and I wouldn't trade it for any other smoker...the only thing I can say about the new ones is the metal just isn't as thick as it used to be...nothing a little high temp caulk won't fix
  12. raastros2

    Brisket Practice

    Looks good for a competition...try it without sauce next time your at home
  13. raastros2

    Labor Day brisket

    Wow very nice save my man
  14. raastros2

    Smoking in the rain

  15. raastros2

    Beef ribs

    Finished product
  16. image.jpg


  17. raastros2

    Beef ribs

    Well tile of thumb is 203 but really it's the tenderness I go by
  18. raastros2

    Beef ribs

    204 after 7 1/2 hours
  19. raastros2

    Beef ribs

    5 hours in