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  1. 912smoker

    Our Second piece of Heaven, Little piece on the Atlantic Ocean

    What a beautiful spot David and a great find! Definitely looks like it was worth the seller hassles. That's a great hideaway! Keith
  2. 912smoker

    Maiden rack of ribs

    Looks like a great first cook and great color on those ribs! Keith
  3. 912smoker

    Show me your poor man's Cambro. What do you rest your meats in?

    I use coolers in a variety of sizes and this one is perfect for ribs! Keith
  4. 912smoker

    Keto Smoked meatloaf with a Smokey Chipotle Glaze

    Looks great Jeff and love the flavor combo and color! Keith
  5. 912smoker

    Calling pity party of one….Pity party of one!

    Good looking couple and a great meal Jim! My oldest niece had her prom tonight also. Probably won't be around long enough to see any of my grands go so that was treat this afternoon. Keith
  6. 912smoker

    Noob here

    Welcome to SMF from SE GA and there's a judge or 2 on here. Keith
  7. 912smoker

    Can’t beat free!!

    They build a great product and can't beat the price! Keith
  8. 912smoker

    Another Butt Thread

    Great start and in for the finish! Keith
  9. 912smoker

    Pasta & Scallops

    Great looking plate of nourishment there Charles and I'm sure everyone was happy! Good luck on the trip ! Keith
  10. 912smoker

    Tried the velveting technique

    Looks mighty good and I've got to do some research too! That's a must try for sure ! Keith
  11. 912smoker

    Hi Folks!

    Welcome to SMF from SE GA! Keith
  12. 912smoker

    Grocery Sales This Week

    Food Lion has BB for .99 lb this week(limit 2) and 10lb bag of leg quarters @ .59 lb. Chuck roast 5.99 lb and country style ribs for 2.59 lb. Not as good as some of the Kroger sales but a great price to stock up on BB. Keith
  13. 912smoker

    Back At It !!!

    Loved 'em all RAY and thanks for posting! Keith
  14. 912smoker

    Shopping gravity fed smokers

    From what I see Cliff the XT has a porcelain insulated hood and porcelain lined hopper. SS grates and improved controller. Gasket around the hood for better heat/smoke retention and hopefully less fuel consumption. Love the magnetic switches for the hopper lid and firebox. Should eliminate...
  15. 912smoker

    Hey yall!!!

    Welcome to SMF from SE GA and you've landed at the best spot on the worldwideweb! Not a builder but several here eager to help ! Keith
  16. 912smoker

    Shopping gravity fed smokers

    Here's the first MBGF XT vid I've seen. Still waiting on it to appear here. Keith