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  1. lathechips

    Easter Turducken

    At Thanksgiving we have "turducken" Any thoughts about an Easter - pressed out pork butt, rolled up with ham, stuffed with lamb sausage - with sage, pineapple, mint jelly - smoked? Well you guys know where I'm getting at or make something to knock the socks off an Easter dinner.
  2. lathechips

    Jerky From Store Bought Ham ?

    Ham is precooked, sliced, & on sale. What else can I do with it besides a ham sandwich ?
  3. lathechips

    Jerky From Store Bought Ham ?

    Can jerky be made from a store bought 1/4 " sliced ham ? What seasonings, how long in a MES, or anything else I need to know ?
  4. lathechips

    Smoked Goose Ideas

    How to smoke a grain feed goose in a mes? Marinate, cure, brine, inject ? Temp & time ? Help ?
  5. lathechips

    Smoking Oysters

    Need help smoking oysters in a mes. The medium kind that comes in a jar. Brine, temp?
  6. lathechips

    Pealing Summer Sausage Casing

    Soaked in water for a bit & kinda squeezed the water out, stuffed mix - beef, pork & spices.
  7. lathechips

    Pealing Summer Sausage Casing

    How to get summer sausage casing to peal off nice & clean, without pealing meat away? I'm using 2-1/2 - 3" mahogany.
  8. lathechips

    Smoke Jumpers in a MES?

    How to make smoked frog legs in a mes? What brine or rub, what temp, how long? ect.
  9. lathechips

    SmokedPearl Onions

    Has anyone smoked baby pearl onions in a MES ?
  10. lathechips

    Smoking Corn Chips, Cheetos, Pork Rines ect,

    Any ideas on smoking snack chips in a MES?
  11. lathechips

    Hawiian Pepperoni Recipe?

    Looking for a sweeter pepperoni recipe with ckunks of dried fruit like pineapple, mangos, cranberries, ect. More pork than beef, maybe a little sweeter with sugar, nutmeg, allspice & a little less on the salt, garlic, onion. Any ideas?
  12. lathechips

    My Summer Sausage Problem

    50\50 pork/beef, chilled @ 160*
  13. lathechips

    My Summer Sausage Problem

    I just made a couple of sticks of SS , 2-1/2 round casings. Problem after ice bath it wrinkled up & is kinda hard to peal off the casing. Can it be saved? What do I do next time? I wish my pepperoni looked like this.
  14. lathechips

    MES Control Panel Help

    MES 30 panel buttons, I gotta poke for a minute or two ta get working. Can the inside of the panel be cleaned or replaced? With what?
  15. lathechips

    Resmoking A Store Bought Ham Help?

    Just gota a deal on a cheap precooked shank ham. 50% off + a coupon & use or freeze in a week or so + it might be too big for my MES 40 smoker. ? is can I big chunk it, stab it with an ice pick, soak it in or rub it ?, & resmoke. And what temp, how long, ect. Thanks to who reply. Hey I...
  16. lathechips

    Hog Casings For Pepperoni

    Can hog casings be used for pepperoni? What is the difference between pepperoni & say a brat, kabalsa, or german sausage? Or can I stuff anything in any casing & call it what ever I want.
  17. lathechips

    How Many HP To drive A Meat Grinder

    I'm looking at rigging up a #32 grinder. Question is what size electric motor ? And what RPM? This will be thru a gear reducer and/or VFD.
  18. lathechips

    Thanks For The Summer Sausage Recipe, Now Pepperoni Recipe

    Now I need a smoked pepperoni mix with the anise & fennel seeds + everything else.
  19. lathechips

    I Need A Good Summer Sausage Recipe

    I need a homemade smoked summer sausage recipe. No packaged spice mixes. Thanks to who respond. Beef/deer + pork
  20. lathechips

    Smoked Corned Beef Sausage?

    Can raw corned beef be ground up, stuffed into casings, & cold smoked? And cooked up later? Do I need a cure? Can it be stuffed, hot smoked like a summer sausage or pepperoni stick?