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  1. jts70

    Show Yourself

    I not sure what is going on , Ii never had a problem before. Best i can do is post the link to ishack
  2. jts70

    I wasn't smoking meat...

    Nice Kings ya'll got. They are fun, one of my favorites.
  3. jts70

    Brining chicken

    I also like to add some oranges sliced in half and squeezed. Love the citrus in bird
  4. jts70

    What a year...

    Congrats old dude!
  5. jts70

    Holy Crap!!!!

    Congrats MM !
  6. jts70

    Campfire smoking help

    Hey CG, I would love to know how to cook underground, please post when you have the time. Thanks in advance.
  7. jts70

    GLBBQA feeds 300

    Looking good Steve! Glad you guys had a good time.
  8. jts70

    KISS ribs on the drum

    Mighty fine looking ribs Bubba!
  9. jts70

    Rookie from MI

    Welcome aboard from Mayville
  10. jts70

    Whatcha cookin' 7/12 -7/13

    Nothing but cigs this weekend.
  11. jts70

    New GOSM - Question about mods

    No mods necessary with mine. Some have had to change out their smoke boxes but I was lucky and got a nice cast one.
  12. jts70

    Monty's got 'puter issues

    Thanks for the update!
  13. jts70

    Smokin in Chi-town (that's Chicago BTW)

    Welcome aboard!
  14. jts70

    Michigan newb

    Welcome aboard!
  15. jts70

    review and pics of first time smoked sausage

    Nicely done Tim! I cannot wait till I am able to make some sausage. Finally have the equipment , just need some time now!
  16. jts70

    Troubl saving a post

    That will happen to on occasion, but nut today.
  17. jts70

    Temp prob in a potato?

    It allows you to have reading at grate level , the probe is inserted into the potato or wood to keep it off the metal grate which could ruin the probe.
  18. jts70

    A Busy day! Please Read.

    Flash , I couldn't agree more
  19. jts70

    Hello from the mustard based region of SC

    Welcome aboard !