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  1. lovetosmoke

    Polish Kielbasa Weselna

    Thank you for the recipe! I look forward to trying it!
  2. lovetosmoke

    Polish Kielbasa Weselna

    That would be great! Thank you!!
  3. lovetosmoke

    Polish Kielbasa Weselna

    Does anyone have a recipe for Weselna? I tried it today for the first time and loved it!
  4. lovetosmoke

    Cured Ham

    Any advice would be wonderful. I cured a ham for 3 weeks and have it in the smoker as i am typing. What I would like to know is what temperature to smoke and cook to. My plan is to eat it at a later date. I will chill it than freeze it. Thanks for any help!!!
  5. lovetosmoke

    Ever see an asianredneck?

    Welcome to SMF, hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do
  6. lovetosmoke


    Welcome to SMF
  7. lovetosmoke

    chicken brine

    How long do you normally put chicken breasts in your slaughterhouse poultry brine?
  8. lovetosmoke

    Little Blue BBQ

    Just thought I would let everyone know about the Little Blue BBQ in Fairbury, Nebraska on September 5th and 6th. It is the Nebraska State Championship event. It has all the great tastes but not all the hoopla of the big cities.
  9. lovetosmoke

    chicken brine

    Does this sound like to much salt in the brine? It does to me
  10. lovetosmoke

    chicken brine

    I had a 70 year old man tell me a good salt brine for chicken is, that you add enough canning salt to float an egg. I am going to do about 40 chicken breasts for a friends party. The older gentlemen told me to brine them overnight. Is this to long?
  11. lovetosmoke

    Happy Birthday Texas-Hunter

    Happy Birthday and good luck with the hunting
  12. lovetosmoke

    fire question...

    I can not say for a fact, but when I use my Dutch oven I can count on each piece of charcoal putting out about 25 degrees of heat.
  13. lovetosmoke

    cold smoking success

    Simple and easy thats the way to go
  14. lovetosmoke

    Hey all !!!

    Welcome to SMF I hope you enjoy
  15. lovetosmoke

    Smokin' in Minnesota!!!

    Welcome to SMF I hope you enjoy everything. The information and the people are great on the forum.
  16. lovetosmoke

    New from New York

    Welcome to SMF
  17. lovetosmoke

    Please allow me to introduce myself.......

    Welcome and enjoy
  18. lovetosmoke

    hello all...

    Welcome to SMF enjoy
  19. lovetosmoke

    Cooking background/training

    I learned everything from my mother and grandmother. I must be doing something right because I have not killed anyone with my food.
  20. lovetosmoke

    Today's Results

    Looks excellant. I will be right over.