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  1. gnubee

    Dutch baked beans

    Hi Long time member here, I have been off for about 4 or 5 years and have lost my recipe for Dutchs wicked baked beans . Does anyone know what forum or sub forum I can find the recipe in
  2. gnubee

    Making own wood chunks and chips

    I used to have several fruit trees on my property but now no longer do. Each fall when the local farmers are pruning their trees and the ground is littered with the prunings. I simply drive by the orchards and ask if I can have a branch or two of this wonderful fruitwood. I have never been...
  3. gnubee

    Not reall a neub

    Not really a Gnu guy but haven't been on for about 3 years. Got a new smoker the other day and currently waiting out a stalled pork butt 3 hrs so far. Thought I'd pop in and say hi.
  4. gnubee

    Just introducing myself

  5. gnubee

    Be Careful

    Not clumsy? ha ha burnt, dropped,broke toe , yada yada yada ............ha ha you might want to review the criteria for clumsy.... LMAO Yep stuff does happen and happens fast when you're least expecting it.
  6. gnubee

    did I do something wrong ?

    Welcome to the forum. Piney is a good guy and will probably get you out of solitude soon. Unless of course he has a brisket on the go then it may take up to 16 hours or so for him to act. Still He probably has to check the runes, tea leaves and the position of the planets then if all is well...
  7. gnubee

    Liquor in BBQ/smoking. Cognac, whiskey, beer, brandy, etc

    I like orange brandy mixed about 1/2 and 1/2 with apple juice to spritz on ribs. Also for pork chops I like to make a marinade them overnight with some spices and Orange brandy. It gives the chops an interesting unique flavour that I really like. I must admit that on more than one occasion I...
  8. gnubee

    Do you see an image on this chicken breast?

    Hah! I finally see the Monkey head thingy. Plus a Horse thingy. And here at first I thought you guys were just nuts!!
  9. gnubee

    Do you see an image on this chicken breast?

    I wouldn't worry about it, just pick it off and toss it in the sink, the Chicken will still taste ok. Just funning with ya. Acrually I thought it looked like a horse.
  10. gnubee

    Is the Chat Broke?

    I can easily get into chat but all it says is Pineywoods and every 2 minutes or so it repeats Pineywoods. date time 8:07 pm. Its like its caught in a loop.
  11. gnubee

    Brisket, Dutches beans, Burnt ends & ABT's with lots of Qview

    Oh Crap , I got the names mixed up , it seems that I am a 3 day drive away instead of 2 hours. I probably won't make the trip but honestly from the looks of that Q and only a 2 hour drive you might have had to beat me off with a stick. For some reason I thought I was talking to Dave in Omak. Ok...
  12. gnubee

    Greetings from Canada !

    Hi Dave Welcome to SMF . I lived in Ottawa in the Glebe in the 1960's and 1970s My Daughter lives in Neapean now. Damm that place has grown and changed. I am living  back home now in Beautiful BC. Glad you joined the site. Lots of good info and people here.
  13. gnubee


    Welcome Rich. I'm just north of You in BC. Your smoker sounds like it was an interesting build. Lots of good advice on here about anything smoking related you can think off. Roger
  14. gnubee

    Splitting Rhubarb

    Some Rhubarbs have a central tap root that cannot be split. Others however when they get crowded develop several smaller side tap roots. Those you can easily dig up and seperate. I moved some of mine from the old home to my new home and all did well traveling without any soil wrapped in an wet...
  15. gnubee


    Welcome to the SMF. I glad you stuck to it and got the MES you want. I have only the 30 inch digital without the window in the door but I absolutly love it.. It runs cheaply , uses minimal amounts of wood. Does a great job turning out awesome Q and is easy to clean up afterward. ( dishwasher...
  16. gnubee

    MES 30 uneven heat distribution

    I tried Ronp's slate trick and it did make a minor improvement but the meat in that top corner still gets a little dry. I also got an aluminum plate, drilled tons of holes in it and tried that but it made no difference so I finally gave up on it and tossed out the plate and the slate. Really I...
  17. gnubee

    Pig racing in Texas next to Mosque

    This is the kind of argument that no one can win. Anyone and everyone joining in can however lose.
  18. gnubee

    Camp Oven White Bread recipe

    Sorry I missed your post jimwalter73 "How often do you change the coals?" Well actually never. The first set of coals is enough to go right to the end of the bake. Just jiggle the ash off of them every once in a while and by the time the bread is done they are still hot enought to maintain...
  19. gnubee

    Hello to the forum.

    Hey Trent Welcome to the Forum , I see you are thebreaddude ..... try this .... The weather here In Southern BC today is 48f and no snow left. I have a MES 30" and love it. It is easily large enough for...
  20. gnubee

    Another newbie here

    Welcome to the SMF. Someday you will bless the day your favorite BBQ joint went out of business because with a little guidance from the fine folks on SMF you will soon be putting out BBQ that easily equals most if not all BBQ joints. And Good luck on the build , plenty of folks on here that...