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  1. squirrel

    Group for GA members

    I'm in Augusta, GA area. Love me some Dawgs!!
  2. squirrel


    Glad to hear Mrs. Bear made it home. It's gonna be rough for a few days, but hopefully all will be well soon. Big hugs to both of you Papa and Mama Bear.
  3. squirrel

    Bears’ 46th Wedding Anniversary Dinner

    Beautiful flowers and anniversary meal papa bear! 46 years is a mighty long time, I am very happy for you and Mrs. Bear. My anniversary was also Dec. 27, but we only lasted 7 years. I always say he got the seven year itch, unfortunately it required antibiotics. 
  4. squirrel

    Merry Christmas From The Bear Family!

    Merry Christmas Papa Bear! Your grandson is very handsome indeed. 
  5. squirrel

    Pecan Shells

  6. Pecan Shells

    Pecan Shells

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  8. squirrel

    Strange statement in a popular charcuterie book

    Cheese is generally salt or brine cured. Store bought cheeses are already "cured". I've used the guys recipes and had great success.
  9. squirrel

    Anyone else have a "shop dog" or four legged best friend?

    This is such a great thread. It touched my heart especially after a friend called me today and told me her beloved rescue dog of 15 years was brutally killed by a pit bull yesterday. She was walking her dog when out of no where the pit bull attacked her dog. She said it was the most horrific...
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  12. squirrel

    Got wood?

    I definitely would not use straight up cherry for the whole smoke. I like to start out with cherry then switch to something milder like pecan or apple. Stick with your favorite rub. Good luck and happy smokin'!
  13. squirrel

    About time ...

    Welcome Dave! Sorry about your mishap with the smoker. Bummer for sure. Glad to have you join us. I hope to visit Scotland some day. Looking forward to seeing what you throw on the smoker!
  14. squirrel

    Cold smoking season 2014-2015: duck breast pastrama

    Holy crap! That is beautiful! I've been wanting to try this, but never got around to it. Thanks for the history lesson as well. I love that stuff. You rock!!!
  15. squirrel

    Cherry Gloat

    Nice haul!! I love cherry myself. I do use it sparingly. I like to start my butts or brisket with it then switch over to pecan. It seems to help achieve a more mahogany color, which I find quite lovely. Congrats!!!
  16. squirrel

    Fish for taco...without taco

    Wow, that's a pretty plate of food! Gettin' all fancy pants.   I've never had walleye. What is comparable? Fish tacos sounds really good though. Lovely picture my friend.
  17. squirrel

    Squirrel gettin' down with a little tongue action....

    Well, I finally got it all done. So much fun and soooo delicious! Yes, Rick, I did wash it very well. Even scrubbed it with a brush for a good while. It was on the smoker for 5 hours, then inside to cool and in to the fridge. This is what it looked like when I took it out. I skimmed all the fat...
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