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  1. theracenut

    First Fatty with Q-View

    Nice Fattie...great choice of stuffing too!
  2. theracenut

    My first attempt at a breakfast fattie...

    Good looking Fattie...I remember my first me wanting to do some Fatties over the holidays.
  3. theracenut

    Question about 1st brisket smoke.....Qview & money shot!

    Looking good so far..Thats gonna turn out fine. I picked up a brisket last night to do sometime soon. Enjoy!
  4. theracenut

    How long will pulled pork last in a ziplock

    I'm sure its frozen by now but I agree with freezing it. I'd bag it again and pack it in the cooler to keep other stuff cold as it defrosts.
  5. theracenut

    Baby Back Ribs - Maiden Voyage Of The Newbie Smoker!

    Looks like some good ribs. You know you are now addicted to your new hobby. Have fun with it, I do.
  6. theracenut

    baby backs

    I have done the same thing. Or taken pictures at the beginning and none at the end. It's all good. Glad you had time with your family and enjoyed good food.....Bud
  7. theracenut

    First Fatty

    I used a 1 pound chub of J D sausage....225 for about 4 hours until it was 165 inside. Its easy to do I searched here and found out all I needed to know even how to weave the bacon. Go for it and make one.
  8. theracenut

    First cheese

    I smoked it for 3 hours and I lit both ends. I don't think there will be any danger of it spoiling in the vac pacs it will be eaten long before it goes bad.
  9. theracenut

    Smoking my first pork butt today

    Good lookin pork. You did a good job....
  10. theracenut

    Just finished first set of Pork ribs, asking for help

    3-2-1 @ 225 is what I use...turns out good everytime. You can't go wrong with that advise.
  11. theracenut

    First cheese

    The DW and I got back from a coastal trip today and I decided to open up some of the cheese for a snack. It was well worth the effort and wait. We were very impressed with the taste. We tried the Gouda. We will be doing a lot more cheese. I suggest everyone cold smoke some cheese, you will me...
  12. theracenut

    First Fatty

    I let it go about 4 hours at 225 until it was 165 inside.
  13. theracenut

    New guy from Pa.

    Welcome're gonna find out all kinds of stuff here. Read read read...that's how I started. Everyone here wants to see you make good stuff.
  14. theracenut

    Bacon Second Go Round

    That looks great. I really do want to give that a try. I am going to have to get a slicer soon. Great job!!
  15. theracenut

    Sirloin tip w/Qview

    That sure looks tasty. There we go something else on my list of things to do. I gotta find me a slicer first. Great job!!
  16. theracenut


    Welcome to get out the camera and show off some Qview. Everyone likes to see if we could figure out how to share smells.
  17. theracenut

    Hello from So Cal

    Welcome need for a 900 dollar BBQ course Reading and asking questions here will teach you all you can stand. I have made some good stuff just by reading around and searching. Have fun with it.
  18. theracenut

    Great Customer Service

    I have to share my experience with Masterbuilt. I ordered an MES 40 from Sams Club. It arrived and I packed it and began to assemble it, I found that one of the wheels had come loose in shipping. I was amazed that the glass had not broken, but it did cause some damage. The control panel got...
  19. theracenut

    First Fatty

    Tommerr........I suggest searching Fatty. Mine here was a breakfast Fatty. It was Bacon wrapped around sausage with cooked eggs, onions and mushrooms inside. There are no rules to making a fatty put whatever you like inside. Wrap with bacon or don't. Use sausage or beef or a mixture of the two...
  20. theracenut

    How Embarrassing! Qview

    Still looks edible. There would have been no left overs at this house...  Practice makes perfect. I'm sure with the advice given here your next one will be pleasing to the eyes and the taste buds.