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  1. oz

    1st btisket

    Hey Newb, Brisket is a tough smoke. My advice is know the internal temps and stay with it until you reach your temp, maybe around 200 IT. Everything else is preference like rub, wood, etc. in my early days of smoking brisket, I repeatedly took it off too soon. Really good but man, was it...
  2. oz

    Smoke with Lang and BBQ Guru

    Kevin, I use a 25 CFM pit viper that works really well. You might try your 10 cfm and see how it works. Also, you may need another adapter as the green egg is curved, I think. Hope that helps. Oz
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  15. oz

    Smoke with Lang and BBQ Guru

    Thanks Al.  Next smoke I will seal it up and see what happens.  That's why I like this site.  So many experts with such good advice.  You never stop learning!  Oz
  16. oz

    Smoke with Lang and BBQ Guru

    Oh, and thanks for the comment on the Lab.  He is a handful (at 4mo) but really a good buddy.
  17. oz

    Smoke with Lang and BBQ Guru

    The blower kicked on about every 15 sec for maybe 5 sec.  Question:  Would the fire tend to smoke more with more or less oxygen?  I thought the more air I could get to the wood, maintaining the correct temps of course, the less smoke.  Maybe I have that backward.  I always found that with my...
  18. oz

    Smoke with Lang and BBQ Guru

    Thanks guys.  I only had the vent open about 1/2 inch.  That seemed to let the Guru keep the temps stable.  Maybe I'll shut them completely on my next cook and see what happens.  The food was great but the game I was cooking for didn't turn out so great (for us at least).  Giants slammed us...
  19. oz

    Smoke with Lang and BBQ Guru

      Last year I bought a new Lang 48 smoker.  For several years I had been using a vertical smoker and added a BBQ Guru DigiQ II a couple of years ago.  Worked like a charm holding temps steady, like an oven.  I like using wood instead of lump and do in my Lang. I thought it would be interesting...
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