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  1. mickey jay

    Texture off on summer sausage again.

    Lots of great responses here already but I'll add that your fat content is pretty low. Estimating 25% on the pork shoulder, and maybe 5% on the venison (quite possibly even less if you butcher your deer like I do), that gives you like 3lbs of fat in a 20lb batch... that's <15% total fat...
  2. mickey jay

    Input/opinion on this Bratwurst recipe

    It’s sausage so it’s subjective and Jimmy didnt steer you wrong but I’d guess the last few spices will just get lost in those quantities. Idk.. they def wont hurt anything and I could be wrong but I’d be suprised if you could tell the difference in a batch without them. The mace is...
  3. mickey jay

    Smoked Kielbasa - Rendered fat under skin/casing? Sausage newbie (Updated thread title)

    You're all good man; knock on wood but this forum has somehow escaped the drama of the internet at-large so we're all really just trying to get this thing figured out together. I appreciate the details provided; it really helps to nail down issues like what you're having, although in this case...
  4. mickey jay

    Smoked Kielbasa - Rendered fat under skin/casing? Sausage newbie (Updated thread title)

    Fwiw, I finish almost all my smoked sausages (a lot over the years) in a water bath without any sort of bag, mainly just to speed up the process (I've always had a difficult time getting the meat up to 153 without using smoker temps that would cause fat-out (>170)) unless it's in there for an...
  5. mickey jay

    Cajun Mesquite Turkey Quarters

    It’s sort of counter-intuitive, isn’t it? The idea is that at higher meat temps, a lot of the connective tissues and fat is rendered down which actually leads to a more tender overall finished product. I’ve gnawed on turkey legs before that were brought to safe temps but not high enough to...
  6. mickey jay

    Ground Brisket Burgers.

    Having limited experience with briskets.. is there anything in there i should cut out rather than grind? Thinking tendons n veins and whatnot.. if i can get away without trimming much if at all, that would prob justify any extra cost in time and weight.
  7. mickey jay

    Cajun Mesquite Turkey Quarters

    Thanks all! No brine aside from whatever the factory put in there.. honestly don't feel like it needed anything additional. These quarters were cut from a regular old Kroger turkey that I got free last turkey day and was taking up space in my freezer. Just boned out the rest of that bird for...
  8. mickey jay

    Cajun Mesquite Turkey Quarters

    Nothing too fancy here but thought I'd share my first smoked turkey experiment, which turned out 'smokin'. Sprinkled with kosher salt and a healthy dose of spicy cajun rub, smoked with mesquite at fluctuating temps between 280-330 (wind was blowin at times pretty good). Took the quarters to...
  9. mickey jay

    Horseradish sausage update

    Cool idea:emoji_thumbsup:. I'm going to assume one could skip the fermentation step and add ECA for the classic SS tang.
  10. mickey jay

    Breakfast Links~ Foamheart

    Those are sheeps; 22-24mm i believe. Kids helped on this batch.. turns out it’s a lot easier to manage when someone else is crankin the stuffer.
  11. mickey jay

    Ground Brisket Burgers.

    I've been using an inside round for ground beef recently, and have used lots of shoulder clods and other cuts; all pretty good although I think I'm gonna stick with the inside round if the price warrants. How'd the brisket stack up? Curious if it might warrant the extra cost. Burgers look...
  12. mickey jay

    Breakfast Links~ Foamheart

    Love breakfast links!
  13. mickey jay

    Help is needed

    I've also got the 5lb grizzly.. I regularly do 10-20lb batches and wish I had something larger at times. Obv you're gonna need something bigger than a 5 lber for a business setting. One thing to keep in mind is lots of stuffers cut off at even pounds.. like 5lb, 15lb, etc.. but good luck...
  14. mickey jay

    BDSkelly ~ Breakfast Sausage Grind.

    Never tried pop's recipe although I can see its allure. Agree on all points above; we grind our own now for years and when the wife sticks her nose up at pretty much everything in restaurants (let alone store-bought), you know you got something good. Only problem is all the work but it's worth...
  15. mickey jay

    Adios Masterbuilt!

    Crummy deal.. I've had a Masterbuilt 40 inch for going on 10 years now and it's been pretty solid; albeit just a propane burner with no electronics. Finally starting to rust out around the burner despite being covered the whole time; sorta just the way of the world with the corrosion thing...
  16. mickey jay

    Best Grilling Sausage

    I don't believe I've ever come across this thread before.. the best grilling sausage. I'm talking about the sausage that you pull out to throw on the grill when there's a bunch of guests coming over and it's last minute and you don't have time to make anything else or you just want to surprise...
  17. mickey jay

    Stainless Stuffer Tubes on Grizzly 5lb

    Ah perfect; thank you! I've never ordered from TSM; might have to have a look around although I do have a new shipment of goodies inbound already from Butcher Packer haha. While we're on the topic of stuffers, might anyone know where to find a metal screwcap/endnut? (ya know the piece that...
  18. mickey jay

    Stainless Stuffer Tubes on Grizzly 5lb

    Anyone know what stainless stuffer tubes will work on the Grizzly 5lb stuffer? I just measured the plastic ones that came with it and they are 1 1/2", vs 1 9/16" at LEM. It's only a sixteenth, but the plastic nut that holds the tubes on looks to be pretty tight. Thanks all!
  19. mickey jay

    Grinder Plates

    Just picked up a Weston Butcher Series grinder; curious what plates you guys and gals would recommend. I'm coming from an old school Kitchener #12 which I primarily used the 5.5mm; Weston sent me a 4.5mm and a 7mm... I kinda feel like both are too small or too large so I'm planning on picking...
  20. mickey jay

    Vac Sealing Pork Back Fat

    Yes! Here too.. gotta make sure we’re stocked up on fat when the deer come home.