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  1. delarosa74868

    Bad turn out!

    150°. That is low as my GMG will go.
  2. Webber kettle mod

    Webber kettle mod

  3. delarosa74868

    Webber kettle mod

    I got tired of not having a work table when I was grilling.  I always had two grills side by side so I could use the other one for a table. I like the weber grill that has the work table but it is $349!  I built this for about 40 bucks.
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  6. delarosa74868

    anyone ever make jerky out of breakfast sausage?

    I have twenty pounds of sausage from a hog we had butchered.  My family isn't much on eating sausage now that I have learned to make bacon.  I just mixed up a batch of bottom round and ground beef to marinade over night and I was thinking of trying to throw a pound of sausage in the dehydrator...
  7. delarosa74868

    Mold growning on my jerky, what am i doing wrong?!

    When I make jerky strips with ground beef I get mold growing three or four weeks later.  I use lem seasoning and cure(pink),93/7 ground sirloin,  dry in a lem dehydrator and store in food saver bags.  What the heck am I doing wrong?
  8. delarosa74868

    Anyone have a recipe for polish sausage for a first timer?

      I have learned alot from this site, I have mastered  ribs, chicken, brisket(sort of), pork butt, bacon and jerky.  Now Im craving something new to try.  I want to try some polish sausage.  I have a kitchenaid mixer and Im getting the meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachments soon.  What...
  9. delarosa74868

    First Q-View; Ribs on new Pellet Grill

    Nice ribs, and awesome grill! I have the GMG also.  Love it, but watch your temps, mine runs about 12-15 degrees hotter than the controller shows.  
  10. delarosa74868

    Anyone smoke fresh hocks?

    Im wondering if you do them like bacon or not.
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  12. Tender Quick has me confused!

    Tender Quick has me confused!

  13. delarosa74868

    Tender Quick has me confused!

    What kind of cure is this? would this be better to use than TQ? Im just going to wet marinade in teriyaki. 
  14. delarosa74868

    Tender Quick has me confused!

    Would sliced jerky meat fall under whole cuts or ground meat?
  15. delarosa74868

    Tender Quick has me confused!

    The bag says 1 tablespoon per pound of meat.  People say 1 1/2 tsp per 5lbs of meat. My last batch was pretty salty, is the 1 1/2 tsp per 5lbs correct?
  16. delarosa74868

    Anyone soak jerky meat in water like bacon before smoking???

    I was thinking of trying brown sugar, maybe equal parts TQ and brown sugar?  
  17. delarosa74868

    Anyone soak jerky meat in water like bacon before smoking???

    Just got to thinking about if my jerky is going to turn out too salty from the Tender Quick in my wet marinade. When I do bacon, I soak it for an hour or so then remove it and put it in the fridge to dry before smoking. Do you do that with jerky too?
  18. delarosa74868

    anyone try using sausage spices when making bacon?

    I recently had a wild hog butchered.  I told them to save the belly instead of grinding it up as sausage.  When I was prepping the bellies with cure and stuff, I thought Id sprinkle some sausage seasoning on one slab to see what it would taste like.  Anyone try it before?
  19. delarosa74868

    Bad turn out!

     Hmmm... the jerky with my homemade marinade with tender quick turned out completely different than the backwoods seasoning. It was thicker, and didn't stick to the grate. Meat came out of the same package, smoked at the same temp for the exact amount of time.  I wont be using the backwoods for...
  20. delarosa74868

    Bad turn out!

    Went to the grocery store to get some jerky meat.  I picked out a nice top round and gave it to the butcher to slice up.  He told me that all the jerky people use bottom rounds instead of top.  Bottom dont look as lean to me, but he is the meat man so I let him slice me up some about  an 1/8". ...