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  1. willkat98

    Aquarium Smoker in Champaign, IL.

    Just ignore Joe, Jim. He's just pizzed that most good things come from Illinois. Here's a google search of a Aquarium style smoker Photo by GWiviott
  2. willkat98

    A How to Smoke question

    Jim, Congrats on the WSM!! IAHawk, as far as 0 to -10, I smoke year round in those outside temps on a WSM and offset in a Weber Kettle. The question is more a matter of fuel consumption, and wind blockage/insulation. On my ECB, I used to have a little blanket that covered it. For the WSM and...
  3. willkat98

    Pulled Pork Enchiladas w-q/view

    Sounds great! And I'm recipe'ly challenged, as well as strapped for time with the kids and such, so out of the can works for me!! Besides, Aurora has such a large mexican population that I have quite a few quality Super Mercado's to choose from. Thanks for clarifying!
  4. willkat98

    Pulled Pork Enchiladas w-q/view

    So was your enchilada sauce a home-made variety or was it something premade or packaged that you made up/doctored? Looks great!
  5. willkat98

    Ribs - Qview

    Now that the shoe is on the other foot, and you are no longer in Florida, Welcome to Winter!!! Nice wibs!!
  6. willkat98

    Basic Brisket Smoke

    Maybe your scoring moved? When doing briskets, I will take 3 toothpicks and insert them "with" the grain on the top. Note that I use the Fat Cap Down ( <-Click Link ) method in my verticals, so when I say tooth picks "on top" that is the side I can see the grain. Anyway, the raw meat has the...
  7. willkat98

    Mancow in the morning.

    How about Roe Cohn in the afternoon? Congrats on winning! LAst time I won anything I was in Sammy Hagar's Cabo Canteen on stage at the Chicago theater! Mancow is unfortunately a product of Chicago radio.
  8. willkat98

    Keeping peppers???

    A good use for a mess of peppers is a batch of pepper jelly. The unopened jars keep for quite a while, and you can enjoy them all winter long. Nothing like pepper jelly glaze on ribs!! But to answer the letter of the question: I have cored and quatered, then frozen overnight, then throw the...
  9. willkat98

    Who is your favorite football team?

    No one showing the Raider love, huh? Proud card carrying member of Raider Nation. Yes, right here in Chicago!!
  10. willkat98

    Latest OTBS Inductees

    Congrats!! I thoroughly enjoy reading and seeing all of your inputs!! Keep up the good work!!
  11. willkat98

    Frozen Fattie

    I will cook a couple each time I have room in the smoker, mixing up just regular Jimmy Deans Regular, Hot, Maple, Italian, and Sage. Refridgerate, then cryovac seperately, clearly marking. Leave them in the vacu bag sealed, and boil them to reheat them. Thawed then boiling is faster, but you...
  12. willkat98

    were can i find?

    I use a Pampered Chef stone in my BGE with no problems. Some people have had them crack, but not mine (yet)
  13. willkat98

    Who does the cooking at your house?

    How'd you swing that Jim? I do both!! Kids hate when I go out of town (not often). They start yelling "What are we going to do!!!??? We'll starve to death!!!" They end up with takeout or something. Every "New Years Resolution" a new diet comes along for the wife (usually in cookbook form...
  14. willkat98

    Forest Park, Il. Ribfest 9/12/09

    You mentioned doing this contest previously. What is the "2 rib contestant sampler" about? Do you need to cook a certain # ribs available for public consumption? It implies that, but I see Robinson's is the caterer. And I was laughing at the pictures from 2007, the one with the guy with no...
  15. willkat98


    Thanks for the pics ellymae! I like the platesetter placement on top of the grate. I need to try that set up in my Egg.
  16. willkat98

    Apple wood, and Green tea leaf smoked whole brined Chix - Q-View

    Hadn't heard of using green tea. Great idea!! Like Tacman, I learned something new today! Thanks Jim! .
  17. willkat98

    GOSM first run, spares, tips, skirt, and beans w-q-view

    Congrats on breaking in the new cooker Jim! Good looking eats!! .
  18. willkat98

    anybody happy with their homeowners ins?

    Yep, Allstate has been pretty good for us too. Had them for decades, going back through Dad's agent. I've thought about switching the car portion of the insurance, but didn't want that little stack of bills with the bug eyes following me around watching me. That guy is creepy. .
  19. willkat98

    Hello from Chicago, Il.

    Shoot, I forgot to add mine upthread when I asked. I was at 59th/Kedzie for 25 years on the South Side, now out Naperville/Aurora area. I still live on the South Side, just due West 40 miles Any chance you can share a good home recipe/technique for a Jibarito!!??! Again, Welcome!
  20. willkat98

    Very dumb Fatty Qs

    Sure, but when running low on time and don't want to stuff, I will opt for the Jimmy Dean Spicy (or Bold or whatever). Pretty nice heat to it, and I can add more with a pepper dusting if it needs kick. Onion cheese and pepponi is like a pizza fattie, which I know I read about here at some...