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  1. MiamiSmoker305

    First Full Packer Brisket on MBGS 1050 - Spoiler: I need more practice

    I smoked my first full packer brisket this weekend for my brother’s housewarming/birthday gathering. I got a 17.5 whole brisket from Wild Fork. I was very concerned with the cooking time as we were going to eat at 3 PM. In a moment of panic, I decided to split the flat from the point to decrease...
  2. MiamiSmoker305

    Brief Hiatus

    The Pernil came out grate. I did two 25lb legs and only used one for dinner. So I had tons of left overs to share with my neighbor and friends. I followed the Ingrid Hoffmann recepie. Very traditional Cuban flavor. I think you can definitely fit a quartered pig between the three racks and...
  3. MiamiSmoker305

    Brief Hiatus

    Welcome back to rolling that smoke.
  4. MiamiSmoker305

    First Pizza on MBG 1050 (without a stone)

    I made my first homemade pizza on the grill tonight. I ordered a pizza stone that didn't arrive on time, so I decided to go stoneless. NGL, the result was pretty good. I'm not sure how the stone would make a difference - other than when you apply toppings to the pizza. My process was simple...
  5. MiamiSmoker305

    First Impressions: Day 1 with MBG 1050 - (long post warning -- too excited to be brief)

    I have a 1050. Send the information, but I wonder if they will fit as well.
  6. MiamiSmoker305

    I had a stroke

    Prayers for a quick recovery and to show appreciation that you came out okay. Glad to read that you are good.
  7. MiamiSmoker305

    rubber/silicone food/grill gloves

    I use these. Have had them for many years. You will feel heat if you hold on to a very hot surface for too long. My biggest issue is cleaning and drying the inside. I usually throw them into the dishwasher and have to fold them inside out for 3-4 days to dry the inside.
  8. MiamiSmoker305

    Braised Chuck Roast, Beef Marsala Gravy, & Homemade Egg Noodles (Pic Heavy)

    Looks awesome. I can't wait to try this - minus the hand made egg noodles. I have never made pasta and do not think I have the patience to do so.
  9. MiamiSmoker305

    First Picanha on MBG 1050 w GrillGrates

    I picked up a 3 LB Prime Picanha from Wild Ford ($12.99/lb) last week. After defrosting, I dry-brined with coarse kosher salt for a little over one hour. Brought to room temp, scored the fat cap (did not trim), olive oil binder, coated both sides with a liberal coating of a special Argentinian...
  10. MiamiSmoker305

    Chain Bbq restaurants.

    I'm not a fan of Famous Daves. I agree it was okay when they first opened and went downhill fast. Nothing special. Everything is dry. Prices are high.
  11. MiamiSmoker305

    Chain Bbq restaurants.

    I catered a "guys night out to see hockey in South Florida" lunch/dinner with Mission BBQ. Not bad for a high-volume chain. The catering menu and setup was perfect, we had everything we needed (plates, knives, napkins) and plenty of food. The price was not bad either $20/person out the door.
  12. MiamiSmoker305

    Cover For Digital MB Smoker has/had branded Masterbuilt covers for $14 yesterday.
  13. MiamiSmoker305

    Last Round-up

    Thanks for sharing @Bearcarver. Bear Jr and the Mrs are doing a great job of honoring the Bear family tradition of excellence. I wish you and your family strength and healing during these tough times. Thank you for your commitment and valuable input over the years. You are a SMF legend.
  14. MiamiSmoker305

    Pulled Pork / Brisket same smoke

    Amazing color on the pork. Especially since you cooked in an a MES. The Lil Smokey mod added that flame element that you need for a great bark. What was in the rub? did you use the same rub for the brisket? F in the chat for not taking any final brisket pics.
  15. MiamiSmoker305

    Reverse Sear Tri-Tip on MBG 1050 w GrillGrates

    Many of you on this forum have discovered the yummy goodness of Tri-Tip and have posted many examples of your cooks. Well, here is another one 😊. What makes this post unique (in my mind) is that I used GrillGrates on a MBG 1050. After a near disaster with flare-ups on my Christmas Eve...
  16. MiamiSmoker305

    Ribbed for your pleasue!

    What's in the pan under the grill?
  17. MiamiSmoker305

    First Beer Can Chicken

    Believe it or not, before this week, I had never done a beer can chicken. In my mind, the concept was great, but execution was a challenge. This past Christmas, I was gifted a BBQ-Aid 5-in-1 Smoker Set that came with a nice setup for Beer Can Chicken. The entire process was very easy and the...
  18. MiamiSmoker305

    Smoked a whole picanha today

    Perfect pichanha.
  19. MiamiSmoker305

    How many minutes/pound needed to smoke two 25 LB whole pork legs??

    Final update. I stayed up anticipating the stall that never occurred (see pics). The first roast hit IT of 190F after 12+ hours and the second after 13. I put both in the oven at 170F uncovered with the dripping pans underneath for moisture. After resting in the oven for 6 hours, I...
  20. MiamiSmoker305

    Surgery #3 for 2022 is this week

    Dump the drugs when they release you from the hospital. The hospital will fill you with strong opiates that are hard to get off of when you are home. I hope this is not your case, but I have personal experience with this from a very close loved one.