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    Good evening from the Newbie

    you will get heaps of people here tell you that the WSM is the way to go. the WSM would last you forever and is a good introduction to Charcoal smoking. Welcome to the fold, good luck with your smoke's.
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    1st pork belly!

    Nice color on that. MMMMmmm
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    Help with Temperature Readings

    Yes you should use these readings for your cook. not the ones inbuilt. I use the i grill as well and this is what i use for my cooks.. Just make sure that you clean your probes before you cook so they get better readings. I use alcohol wipes just before i start cooking.
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    Pork Shoulder - 12 hour smoke?

    Depends on the size of course. but yeah mine are 10-14 hours @ 225ish
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    Help with Temperature Readings

    You need to keep the Chimney fully open. Use the intake baffles to adjust temperatures. Pretty sure this is the same with a vertical or a standard offset smoker.
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    Pork Shoulder turned black after smoking

    HAHA Love this. this has to be Quote of the day!
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    Help with Temperature Readings

    Yep, they totally are. If your using an offset that is not a reverse flow you will need to have a probe at grate level. In mine the grate level can be 25-30F different than the probes inbuilt. In mine i have two on the grate, one nearer to the firebox and one nearer to the flute. trust me it...
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    Pork Shoulder - 12 hour smoke?

    This is the key. " the supplier injects with a brine that includes flavor enhancers and tenderizers." its how they make it so different than what we do in our backyards :cool:
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    Pork Shoulder turned black after smoking

    What rubs are you putting on? the orange glow is because of the rubs they use. If you use brown sugar and paprika you usually get a orange look.
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    Woot! Woot! New Minion Bars

    Anyone tried this method with lump charcoal? i have a feeling that it would burn too quick and hot maybe?
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    Butcher paper brisket finish in oven?

    Done this, works no problem.
  12. R new and i have a smoking problem lol

    Welcome to the fold :) Gravity fed pellet smoke, wow building one of them is an undertaking. Hope you share photos of your build so we can see it. Good Luck Warrior :D
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    Woot! Woot! New Minion Bars

    Can you show us how these work please?
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    Out of all these flavors, you chose to be salty.

    Out of all these flavors, you chose to be salty.
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    A question about smoking duck breasts

    Yep perfect way to do it. If you want to get that skin nice and crispy i recommend frying it fat side down in duck fat.
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    Fire management on vertical stick burner

    i use a stick burner as well. we all have this problem when using wood for our heat source. if you dont want to watch the fire and have a more hands of approach you have to change the way your managing your fire. Try a minion or snake method using chunks for your smoke source and the charcoal...
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    Hello all

    There are plenty of tips here to cook, but it would depend on what you are cooking ;)
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    Ref; Sharing an Instant Pot Rice Pudding

    OMG, that looks terrible. I have to try it. the texture sounds interesting. gooey rice wow o_O
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    Tips for making things quicker and easier?

    I have premade rubs made way before hand. ill make a big batch of it. Most or the time i just use SPOG and thats premixed in a shaker. the routine is generally the same. 1. Get the meat out. 2. Light the coals. 3. Open all vents. 4. Trim meat(s) 5. Tip out coals and light some wood. 6. Dust the...
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    sanitizing probes

    Oh maybe i shouldn't coil them and just hang them instead. Can you use any probes or do i have to use the ones that are for my specific device?