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    Thinking about a Rec Tec 680 and I have a few questions?

    I agree with Ross on all answers.
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    Thinking about a Rec Tec 680 and I have a few questions?

    I agree with Ross on all answers.
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    Green Mountain DB temp inconsistency

    I've heard this complaint many times regarding GMGs. You need to play with the heat deflectors on the grill to get the temps evened out. I suggest moving them around based on where your hotspots are and cooking up some bacon to help identify if you have improved or not. Their customer service...
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    What’s with Rec Tec?

    Very strange. I've never heard anything but positive experiences with their customer service. I've seen plenty of posts about damaged grills / lids from the shipping process and they always made everything right. I'm really confused why they would not do the same for you.
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    Pellet smoker VS Bradley smoker?

    They are re-branded Lumberjack pellets. . . . . . very good pellets.
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    Custom Cabinet Build - Pellet Fired

    I finished my custom build, converting a gas fired cabinet smoker to a pellet fired smoker by installing a Pellet Pro from Smoke Daddy. It is made from a repurposed computer server cabinet. During my initial trial in this uninsulated unit, I had a set temp of 190 and could only hold an actual...
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    Where to buy pink salt or similar and meat hooks?

    I just bought some casings, seasonings and bacon hooks off the waltonsinc website.
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    Paleo bacon

    Cough, cough. . . . inherhead. . . . . cough, cough.
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    Tasting Like a house fire - what has gone wrong

    Try a handful of chips on top of your heat deflector and skip the tube for now. See if that makes a difference.
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    Heating Pellets in a Pellet Smoker

    MSDS's are no more - they are called SDS's now with the new Globally Harmonized System that is in place - so that isn't really a head turner. I still would be skeptical about what it is them. For instance: Is there any softwoods? Is there any glues or other impurities (if they get them from...
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    Rec Tec Igniter Rod & Customer Service

    They do have exceptional service. I went through a few of the old style heat rods and they ended up sending me the new ceramic rod and burnpot at no charge (typically would be an upgrade charge).
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    New Set & Forget? Yoder, Pitts & Spitts or Cook Shack

    I'm not sure if you could get a full packer in one. The SM 009 cabinet was 14 x 14 and the SM025 was 14 x 18. They are priced $700 and $900 respectively. They honestly just look to be very well built Masterbuilt Electric style cabinet smokers. You could get yourself into a good pellet grill...
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    New Set & Forget? Yoder, Pitts & Spitts or Cook Shack

    Cook shack makes pellet grills or a cheaper cabinet model with an electric element that you use to smoke chips. I'd personally opt for a pellet grill. I would also consider that whatever you buy is well protected from the elements. You are looking at 1500 - 2000 units that I personally would...
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    HELP! Could I use this equipment to turn into a smoker?!

    I would definitely consider putting a pellet hopper assembly on the big one. The ones from Smoke Daddy are about $425, but you would have an ass kicking smoker for about $500 and a little time if you get the unit for cheap.
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    Fridge Build Question

    Have you considered a pellet hopper assembly for it? I'm in the process of converting my old gas powered cabinet smoker to a pellet smoker. It is a bit spendy ($425), but I love the thought of the temp control it provides and not having to add any chips. I also already have a pellet grill and...
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    Pellet smoker - Brisket fat cap

    I trim the fat to around 1/4" and run the fat cap down (toward the heat source). This is what works best for me on a pellet grill.
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    Rec Tec or Woodwind?

    I have the Rec Tec and love it. It will sear, but high heat sears really aren't the best. I like to put a little smoke on a steak on the RT and then sear on my gasser at 800+ degrees. The RT does fine on chicken and pork chops (I do both around 325) - but searing a steak to my liking isn't...