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    A newbie here :3

    Welcome from AZ!
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    Charcoal S baskets?

    I have the 24 x 48 LSG. It loves to run around 250-275 with a split about every 45 minutes. I almost ordered the charcoal basket it, but when I watched the YouTube videos about it, I thought it might be a waste of money. I may still order it to give it a shot.
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    New LSG!

    Burnt ends didn’t last very long!
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    New LSG!

    Haha, thanks guys! Yeah I‘m goin to be taking some baby backs to the neighbor this weekend! Luckily they don’t spend a lot of time outside!
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    New LSG!

    Way back in April I ordered a 24 x 48 offset from Lonestar Grillz. Well, it finally arrived last week! Of course it was 108 that day and I couldn’t get it uncrated until the heat of the day. Nevertheless, it arrived in great shape, I got it uncrated, then moved to its new home. I seasoned it...
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    Should I cover an offset smoker? How do I protect it? Do I need to?

    I just received my LSG 24 x 48 offset and I ordered the cover for it. Theirs is made by Sunbrella and come with a warranty. Like radioguy said, you could try a boat shop for a nice custom cover. A cover will be a lot easier to take on and off than a tarp…I currently have mine covered with a...
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    AZ Wood

    Yeah, when I was in Oregon, it all was a lot easier to get! There is a lot of Chilean Mesquite trees here. Not sure how different it is from other Mesquite trees.
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    AZ Wood

    Thanks guys! I found a guy on CL and got a face cord each of pecan and oak. There are quite a few places I found,just wasn’t sure who to try first!
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    New member

    Welcome from AZ!
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    Adventures in Offset Learning (w/ Pics)

    All looks delicious! Good job
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    No flip burgers

    I’ll take a plate!
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    Looks damn tasty!
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    Skirt steak on the kettle

    Looks good, can almost smell it!
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    Vacuum Sealer on sale at Costco

    We got the Costco model and it has been working great
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    I’m on the edge of Sun City and Peoria. I’m still fairly new to AZ, and haven’t acclimated to the summers yet!
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    Anyone still here from AZ?
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    Another Pulled Pork first

    Man those beans look amazing!
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    Colonoscopy Breakfast

    Looks great! Good luck tomorrow!
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    Wood Rack

    Hey guys, thanks for the responses! I had thought about the waste of space, and was also looking at the rectangular metals ones from Amazon. We we’re just hoping for something more decorative since the rack will be visible from the entire yard. Although our yard is a work in progress, we’re...