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  1. modstaff

    Ya know..................

    Our ability to express our opinion is WAY different than attacking someone else for their differing belief. That is a very fine line and it was crossed by several members. We encourage healthy debate but not attacks. Nuff Said
  2. modstaff

    Stand and Applaud Modstaff

    Hey, don'tcha know-all you guys and gals are our life!! NOT- but it sure is fun at times!!
  3. modstaff


    In an effort to make the site better and to give members what they want there have been a few changes to the site. If you go to the "Classified" section you will now find a sub-section for the "Exchange" threads. If you look at each meat section such as "Beef", "Pork" etc you will see a...
  4. modstaff

    SMF Premier Memberships Now Available [closed]

    On behalf of the staff at SMF we would like to thank everyone that helps support this great site either thru being a Premier member or donating. Thanks again.
  5. modstaff

    Calling all Professional Meat Cutters past and present

    We would like to know who you are please limit this to people who earn or earned a living as a butcher or meat manager please either post here or PM us.
  6. modstaff

    Food Safety Section

    That is why it was requested to send me a PM containing the reference material for verification. If after being deemed reliable and worthy the thread will be moved to the proper section.