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  1. TulsaJeff

    Possible SMF E-Sports Team?

    No problem at all using the logo and name for the amateur e-Sports team.. I have allowed this on many other occasions and it sounds like a fun cause.
  2. TulsaJeff

    Possible SMF E-Sports Team?

    I don't know anything about fantasy football. Are you just needing permission to use the SMF name and logo?
  3. TulsaJeff

    Flash Sale on Memberships - 50% OFF

    I usually leave the ads on for myself, I just figure I need to experience the forum the way most others do and I'm no more special than anyone else. (Well I may be "special" but that's a story for another day🤣) Having said that, when the ads are off, I realize how absolutely awesome it is to...
  4. TulsaJeff

    Poor mans pulled pork fries.

    This looks amazing.. added to the carousel😀
  5. TulsaJeff

    Not sure what's going on

    Thank you, Jerry.. well said! Like Jerry said, suspect threads or posts are usually moved to the moderator or admin forum behind the scenes if there are major issues and, more often than not, the decisions are unanimous. None of us are perfect but we try to be as fair as possible. For the...
  6. TulsaJeff

    Jeff's Rub & The Best Ribs of my Life*

    Great question.. yes on the link and I still offer the formulas for sale at for those who want to just make it themselves.
  7. TulsaJeff

    Jeff's Rub & The Best Ribs of my Life*

    Our food company at Thin Blue Foods LLC does not sell on Amazon so whoever is selling at that link is an imposter.. we will be looking into this. Meantime, please order rubs and barbecue sauce at
  8. TulsaJeff

    2023 N. FL Gathering

    Man, seeing all of the faces is great and I sure wish I could have been there! Thank you for posting the pictures and looks like everyone had a great time!
  9. TulsaJeff

    Jeff's Rub & The Best Ribs of my Life*

    @Sven Svensson thank you so much for the kind words and I'm glad the rub turned out great on the meat! Congrats on making the carousel as well!
  10. TulsaJeff

    One of my best friends is gone

    So sorry to hear about that, Gary. We had a similar incident with our black lab Maxi a few years back. I am usually not a crier, but I cried. Try to focus on all of the good times you had.
  11. TulsaJeff

    🥓HUGE Discount on Lifetime Premier Membership

    I'm glad to see that several of you have taken advantage of this deal on the lifetime premier membership for only $50 (it's normally $100). This ends tonight and I just wanted to give one more push in case there's anyone that didn't see it. Click here to get the deal I appreciate the support...
  12. TulsaJeff

    🥓HUGE Discount on Lifetime Premier Membership

    A BIG thank you for everyone's support. Things like this go a long way toward supporting the site since it's gotten so huge🙏🏼 You guys are awesome!😀
  13. TulsaJeff

    Strange pictures

    The problem is that many of the photos that folks upload are too small and they are portrait orientation (tall rather than wide). If you are wanting to look great in the carousel, upload images that are around 2000 px wide and make sure to take the pictures so they are wide rather than tall. I...
  14. TulsaJeff

    SMF members best Rub 2023?

    This is a great idea! I'd be happy to throw in some stuff but I'd sure like to see what others have created here.
  15. TulsaJeff

    🥓HUGE Discount on Lifetime Premier Membership

    @Marknmd just solved it.. apparently if you're using Edge, you need to disable Adblock plus for
  16. TulsaJeff

    🥓HUGE Discount on Lifetime Premier Membership

    For anyone having trouble with Edge.. we had someone else the other day who had trouble with that and I can't remember what caused it. @bmudd14474 do you remember what they have to do to fix that issue?
  17. TulsaJeff

    🥓HUGE Discount on Lifetime Premier Membership

    Thank you, Dave. I think you're going to love it!
  18. TulsaJeff

    🥓HUGE Discount on Lifetime Premier Membership

    To highlight the Premier Memberships that we offer here on SMF, I've decided to offer the Lifetime Premier Membership at a huge discount. This is good for 3 days only. Just in case some of you don't know what the perks are, here's a rundown: You get to turn off the Ads (browsing without ads is...
  19. TulsaJeff

    My way of seasoning a cast iron skillet

    About the cartoon think when you're typing.. can you get a screenshot of that by any chance? Also, are you on the phone or desktop?
  20. TulsaJeff

    Which Theme/Style Do You Prefer or Use?

    I mean, there's no down side.. if you decide you don't like it, it's easy to change it right back. There really is something to getting set in your ways as you get older.. I always made fun of that when I was young and then I started getting older and boom, I strongly dislike any change! What's...