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  1. ihocky2

    this year's harvest

    I haven't decided on exactly which tomatoes yet, probably roma or rutgers and some type of beefsteak. Definitely a tomatillo for salsa and a couple cherry tomatoes for the kids. My gardens have green house tops so I will probably start some broccoli soon with the hope to pull them and put in...
  2. ihocky2

    Grab a napkin...its Beef Dip time!

    Sandwich looks amazing, definitely going to have to try this. The wife is a huge fan of French Dip so she will love this. I don't have an insta-pot but I'm sure an afternoon in the crockpot will work just fine.
  3. ihocky2

    Never leave your wingman

    They were keeping up communications. You know, giving them the bird (pun intended).
  4. ihocky2

    Jerky, too long in cure?

    I am using a Pit Boss jerky kit so I am not sure what cure they use. Slice the meat Saturday night and put in the seasoning and cure blend. Instructions say to leave for 24 hours, the plan was to dehydrate Sunday night. Got busy with things going on and it was too late every time I remembered to...
  5. ihocky2


    I may have to go with that instead of chopping the onion at the bottom.
  6. ihocky2


    I put up 7 quarts last night for the refrigerator. The only problem I keep running into is keeping the veggies submerged. Even with no head space and everything submerged to start with the vacuum sealer keeps pulling some liquid out and the air that is inside the cucumbers creates head space at...
  7. ihocky2


    Thanks. I think this batch I will try bumping to 2:1. I vacuum seal as well to speed up the process. With myself and my kids I don't expect any of them to make it a full year. The only reason I see needing to hot pack is if I run out of fridge space.
  8. ihocky2


    I read a lot of this thread last year, but not all of it. I made 6 pints before powdery mildew shut down my growing season last year and they were great. This year I put in more plants and have 12 pints in the fridge for a week and will be doing about 6 quarts tomorrow. The only thing I got...
  9. ihocky2

    Scrapple Breakfast & Football Snacks

    Just kind of cruising through some forums and digging up this one. From PA Dutch country, I am familiar with scrapple. I've never had it through an air fryer, might have to try that one day. Normally I go about 1/4-3/8 inch thick and fry until nice and crispy on the outside. Great with dippy...
  10. ihocky2

    Another Party Smoke

    Great looking spread. Having only cooked and shortly after eaten my food, what do you do to reheat all of this and keep the moisture and flavor?
  11. ihocky2

    Nectarines, prosciutto and brie....on a pita

    This is an old thread, but still on the first page of the fruit section. Do you spread the Brie rind and all, or just the middle of it?
  12. ihocky2

    Looking for banana pepper ideas

    Thank you for all of the idea here. If nothing else it gives me a reason to plant more peppers next year. I always went light on the hot peppers since I am the only one who eats them in the house and never had much to do with them. These ideas give me a lot more reason to grow more and...
  13. ihocky2

    Looking for banana pepper ideas

    I am growing sweet banana peppers and hot banana peppers (hungarian wax) and the crop is starting to roll in. I am going to do the traditional sliced pepper rings to pickle but since I am the only one in the house who eats them a few jars lasts a long time. I am looking for some new ideas on...
  14. ihocky2

    Odd pastrami temp. stall

    How do you finish yours after you pull them? The flavor on this one is great. Probably a little over dried from the amount of time on heat without the water tray. If I had a deli slicer it would still be better than anything from a store. But cutting by hand it is still a little tough.
  15. ihocky2

    Odd pastrami temp. stall

    Tried my first pastrami yesterday. I had a corned beef flat left over from St Paddy's Day sales, soaked it for about 8 hours with water changes to reduce the salt, seasoned and rested overnight in the fridge. Brought it up to room temperature yesterday morning and threw it into the MES at 225...
  16. ihocky2

    Where to start, seasoning amount for snack sticks

    Thanks for the information guys. I am hoping to start putting this together tomorrow night or Saturday to run the smoker this weekend.
  17. ihocky2

    Where to start, seasoning amount for snack sticks

    I decided that one of my steak seasonings seems like it would make a pretty good snack stick. I want to try a pound to see how it works. Where I am not sure is how much seasoning to start with. The ingredients list salt as the first ingredient, but I don't really know how much is in it. Though...
  18. ihocky2

    Question about grinder/stuffer

    I have the same grinder, struggled for a year or two with the blade and plates. Bought the stuffing plate and ran without the blade and was a lot easier, but still sucked some some things. Brats and sausages were okay, better texture than with the grinding plates. Snack sticks were horrible...
  19. ihocky2

    Educate me on salt content and use of #1 cure

    And here it finally is, that day they warned us about in high school when algebra saves our life. Sorry, had to do it. Thank you for the very thorough answer. I do follow your formula very well, and it makes sense. Thank you to all other replies as well. Being used to the premix I wasn’t sure...
  20. ihocky2

    Educate me on salt content and use of #1 cure

    I have been making jerky off and on for several years, a lot more in the last 2 years. I have always used the Hi Mountain kits. I like the flavor and it is what I grew up expecting jerky to taste like. I am ready to branch out and start trying some other recipes. One that interests me is the...