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  1. brek81

    200 gallon build, with temp control (eventually)

         This thread will document my first build. It started off with a 250 gallon air tank, but wanted something a little smaller and lighter.   I'm still debating on the size right now, the ID of the tank is 29.5 and cutting it down to 66 inches total. maybe a bit shorter, depends if there are...
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  3. brek81

    From the land of corn.

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  4. brek81

    From the land of corn.

    Hi everybody!  I'm from Central Iowa, and love to cook.   I have been looking at smokers for a while, and figured building one would be some good entertainment.  A friend of mine found a 250 gallon air tank for me, and slowly i hope to turn it into a reverse flow smoker with a warmer box.  I...