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  1. cord


    Make sure to use the lumberjack dealer locator on the website to check around you. I found a small meat market that carries them for $11 for 20 lbs.
  2. cord

    Your Opinion is Needed!

    For that price i'd buy the non wifi sale model of the daniel boone at 399. I've seen much more positive feedback on gmg than the others. Last i saw the sale was good through the 9th.
  3. cord

    Rec Tech RT700 Ordered

    They were referring to the accessories. The grills have been the same price for the several months i've been looking. Not trying to troll, just don't want someone to make a decision thinking they have a time crunch.
  4. cord

    Finally decided on Daniel Boone: a few questions

    I can only go off my own feeling after looking at the products in person. I did not find the GMG build quality to be superior to others i've looked at in a similar price range (Camp/LG/Traeger) it wasn't worse mind you, just not better. I've also done a lot of anecdotal research and GMG appears...
  5. cord

    RecTec RT-340

    Can you fit a whole brisket on a 340? I've looked around and can't seem to see a picture.
  6. cord

    Another Which Grill to choose thread!

    So i've done my research and with add-ons, taxes and shipping it seems like i'm down to 5. The Rec Tec 590 is around 1300 all in with the cattle package The Bull is almost 1750 for the same The Yoder 460 is around 1550 with shelf and cover and i'd have to pick it up from a local dealer The GMG...
  7. cord

    rectec 300

    A guy in my neighborhood is selling a new in box rectec 300. Couple of questions: 1. Any owners with thoughts? 2. Will this fit a whole brisket? 3. Rectec has told me the warranty isn’t transferable so with that considered what would people consider a fair price? Thanks All!
  8. cord

    Looking for a smoker only

    Is that model big enough to hold a whole brisket? I have a MES 30 right now and I’m looking for something that will hold a while one and not just a flat/point.
  9. cord

    Looking for a smoker only

    Hi All, I’m looking for a small pellet smoker for my family. While I appreciate that some people love the sear option, it’s not a factor for me. I won’t be cooking more than 1 brisket at a time so size isn’t really a factor either. I live in southeast Texas so winters are super mild so I’m not...
  10. cord

    5-Day Smoking Basics eCourse

    Hi, Love the site, I never got my eCourse and would love to take a look at it. Thanks
  11. cord

    Interior setup of a MES 30

    I've seen a few different notes here and there but I was wondering what everyone's interior setup is on their MES. What are you doing with the water pan (sand/water/foil)? Standard drip pan? How do you protect your AMNPS from drippings? What are you wrapping in foil and what are you leaving...