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  1. backwoodssmoker

    Should I scrap it ?

    called morton they said would be good for a 3 day soak then smoke. I should be good from here. thanks.
  2. backwoodssmoker

    Should I scrap it ?

    Doing Canadian Bacon... Here's the problem, mixed up a 1 gal brine, called for 1 cup sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, 3/4 cup sea salt, spices, 1 Tb cure # 1 (I was thinking 1 Tb per Lb) I am using tender quick, added 5 tb for 5 lbs. I now see TQ says 1 cup to 4 cup water. I do not have that much TQ. I...
  3. backwoodssmoker

    Recent Activity Page (Is this forgotten?)

    I hear where your coming from Bear, I go thru the same thing.. Back-- More, More, More, it sucks.  Your 100% right Bear a "Back" button should take you back to where you were. I hope they fix it, I don't check a lot of old post for the reason you stated, sorry folks but I just hate the feature also.
  4. backwoodssmoker

    fridge finished

    Whats on the door, is that a durable covering? Do you have air intakes to feed your burner?   I ask because Ihave a fridge too and amalways looking to improve.
  5. backwoodssmoker

    New project as a humble beginning

    Yeah, Bear is right, Weigh first then plates are cheaper.
  6. backwoodssmoker

    Take a look at my BUTT! ha ha (Q view)

    Is there room in your Nu-Wave for an Amaz-N-Smoker, could be best of both worlds for you.
  7. backwoodssmoker

    Cornish Hen Idea

    I would put honey on with basting brush, only put as much honey in a bowl as you may need so you don't end up with leftover contaminated honey. You could mix any spices with the honey because the brushing may remove anything you have rubbed on.
  8. backwoodssmoker

    First time smoker - last nights initial smoke - issues and questions!

    You may want to forget the foil on the racks, it may be effecting heat circulation. Just my thought.
  9. backwoodssmoker

    Question about amount of smoke

    Amen to sustainability.
  10. backwoodssmoker

    Question about amount of smoke

    I would think if you are going to Hot smoke, you may have to put a heat sorce in the shack.
  11. backwoodssmoker

    Cornish Hen Idea

    As a beekeeper I can say there isn't much I haven't tried Honey on, we flavor it, cream it, mix Maple syrup in it (my favorite on pancakes).  As a glaze and merinade I used the maple and honey, put chicken breast in ziploc, then on a grill with several mops while cookin, it (most) stayed on, but...
  12. backwoodssmoker

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Well I live in the backwoods of Northern Michigan (snow belt) and use an old fridge for smokin. I even had a company name their smoker after me, LoL.
  13. backwoodssmoker

    Question about amount of smoke

    looks like a good set up for cold smokin, put something in it an see if you like it.
  14. backwoodssmoker

    From Battery Charger to Amazin Smoker (wanna be - w/V)

    Sorry for the blur - camera phone. The jar is Morell mushrooms I forgot I had, they'll bein the next one.
  15. backwoodssmoker

    From Battery Charger to Amazin Smoker (wanna be - w/V)

    Don't know the age of the old charger, was one I used to charge a electric cart I drive around (36 volt). I put solar panels in series on the cart cause it quit charging. The carts now a FREE ride, just park it in the sun.  The coating on it was like a powder coat, had to blast it.  Used it...
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  19. backwoodssmoker

    From Battery Charger to Amazin Smoker (wanna be - w/V)

    Figuring what I lost in scap metal prices, I might have 25 cents (or less) into it.
  20. backwoodssmoker

    Cold Smoking: How cold is too Cold

    Hope the range top fan goes outside, I know mine don't. Just a thought.