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  1. jonnyrod

    Firebox Help

    6" from the bottom of the smoke chamber to the reverse flow plate and at least 6" from the reverse flow plate to the first grill is the rule I follow. I divided my 4" stacks by two to shorten them up a bit and installed them at grate height as well. How about some pctures as you move forward?
  2. jonnyrod

    BBQ Pit Build

    It looks fantastic, is competition orange and black out of the question?
  3. jonnyrod

    240 gal horizontal direct heat smoker help needed?

    Your pics show as being deleted? What size firebox do you have? If the firebox is 1/3 the size of the smoke chamber you will need at least 5  4" intakes at the firebox and 39" of 6" exhaust stacks. This is assuming a lot so more info is needed on your dimensions. 
  4. jonnyrod

    My New Braunfels project

    Looks like you are on your way. I reduced the firebox to cook chamber opening by 50% and cooked 2 fatties with perfect temps this past Wednesday. It cooked for 4 hours on 8lbs of lump. Yours is looking real good.
  5. jonnyrod

    160ish gallon RF smoker #1 of 4

    I love the saw, where do you get it and how much? Your pit is coming together nicely.
  6. jonnyrod

    My First Build

    You are rollin' right along. I really dig those wheels. I gave my sandblaster away. The mess, the hassle, the compressor running all the time, and my time spent doing it all contributed to swearing off do it your self sandblasting.
  7. jonnyrod

    Hybrid smoker, first build.

    Yes it will clear it. I will be sticking more of it together while on vacation next week and it will be easier to see.
  8. jonnyrod

    I'm another noobee intro- Houston, TX

    Howdy D-man, where are you in Houston?
  9. jonnyrod

    Hybrid smoker, first build.

    I kinda half a$$ mocked it up. I ended up tacking some temporary butt weld carbon hinges to the doors as I had so much welding to do on the pit. Glad I did, one door fits so bad after the rack guides and end caps were welded I will have to remove them to get them straight. It would be cool to be...
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  15. jonnyrod

    Hybrid smoker, first build.

    Thanks again, my stacks are what the calculator called for just cut in two.I just didn't really want to look like I have a flare stack on top of my smoker. The stacks will only be open at one end at a time depending how I am cooking. I open the opposite end from the fire box and I can cook...
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