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  1. pgsmoker64

    OTBS fail

    That is awesome! Reminds me of my good friend after he bought his first smoker!
  2. pgsmoker64

    PGSmoker's Best Damn Sauce Ever (BDSE)

    Glad you enjoyed it!!!
  3. pgsmoker64

    What's Up from Ohio...

    Hi Weave, Welcome. I work in Dublin, Ohio and use to use a chargriller but not the duo. One thing I had to do was make some modifications. Do a search on chargriller mods and you will be surprised what you find! Also, they need constant babysitting because of the thin metal the firebox is made...
  4. pgsmoker64

    Boston butt, to foil or not to foil?

    I foiled for the first time ever on my last Butt smoke.  The results were good but I really like the bark, so I am playing with a way to speed up the cook with foil and still get some bark on that meat! When I do baby back ribs I foil after 2 hours for 1.5 hours then back on the smoker nekid...
  5. pgsmoker64

    First Baby Back Ribs

    Nicely done!  I love babybacks.
  6. pgsmoker64

    Rib question

    Hi BCB, I agree with Scooter's first point, I would not use plastic wrap for fear of what might be released in the cook process. I also agree that you can get good tender ribs without foiling; however, I do foil and never have I experienced mushy ribs.  With babybacks I use a modified 2-2-1...
  7. pgsmoker64

    Opinions on my first smoke?

    I would say as long as you kept it above 140 IT and you didn't inject you should be good! When you dropped the pit temp you increased  your cook time.  I know people that insist on cooking butts at 200 to 205, and I used to be a 225 guy.  However, I have recently joined the 275 club.  I can...
  8. pgsmoker64

    15yr Rest. Owner Now Looking Forward to Learn From Some of The Best Smokers

    Hi there Olivias! Welcome to the forums!  You will find everything you need here from recipes to tricks and tips! I'm not far from you, in Prince George, VA, and we have family in Gloucester. Good luck and if you need anything special just send me a PM. Bill
  9. pgsmoker64

    Leg of Lamb - smoked - can it be pulled?

    I think you hit the nail on the head....the meat is too lean. At 195 you were probably just a few degrees away from jerky!   I would go a maximum of 165 on lamb. Good luck next time around! Bill
  10. pgsmoker64

    Google brought me here many times. Decided to join! [Virginia]

    Welcome Slim! You will find everything you need here!!  Recipes, tips, tricks, and a vast array of knowledge. I have been a frequent poster on this site for the last several years but, alas, my job is interfering with my hobby these days. I still smoke the occasional rack of ribs or a pork...
  11. pgsmoker64

    1st try with Qview

    Great looking fatty!!! Nicely done, Bill
  12. pgsmoker64

    Freezing Ribs - Opinions Needed

    I regularly freeze extras when there is extra and they are still darn good after thawing and reheating. I wrap them in foil and stick Em in the oven at about 250 for about an hour or so. Not as good as fresh off the smoker but still very good! Bill
  13. pgsmoker64

    Uncle Goldie's Fruit Liqueur

    Nice Foamie! Thanks for sharing that, I may have to give it a try....
  14. pgsmoker64

    Rib's N' Chops, lots of View!

    Nicely done! Chops and ribs look great. Bill
  15. pgsmoker64

    PGSmoker - smoking ribs in Ohio!?!

    Thanks WHB! Everything was awesome!
  16. pgsmoker64

    PGSmoker - smoking ribs in Ohio!?!

    Hi Sy, Yep, Greasy Hill smoker indeed! Nice call. It has a few issues, specifically a big hotspot right next to the firebox. The baffle is too short, there is no counterweight, I could go on, but we smoked three racks of BBs that came out perfect!!
  17. pgsmoker64

    PGSmoker - smoking ribs in Ohio!?!

    Thanks guys! Yep, he was having problems with really dark and bitter meat...turns out he was pouring the white smoke to everything, never good...creosote
  18. PGSmoker - smoking ribs in Ohio!?!

    PGSmoker - smoking ribs in Ohio!?!