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  1. smokngun

    KnottyWood Pellet Issue

    My main pellet of choice is Lumberjack, but after seeing the video MadScientist did with Knottywood pellets I gave them a try. 1st was plumwood doing STL ribs, about a 5hr run. A few days later I did a shoulder. Turned the smoker on and went inside 1/2hr later came out the smoker was off and had...
  2. smokngun

    How to Slow Cook Boston Butt (bone-in)

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm having trouble visualizing the type of barrel smoker you'll be using. Is it a vertical drum smoker like a UDS or Gateway, or a homemade offset with the firebox on the side, or is it simply a drum or barrel cut in half length wise and the coals are under the...
  3. smokngun

    Brisket Sale

    I'm jealous, King Soopers (a division of Kroger) here brisket is still $4.99lb.
  4. smokngun

    New to me KBQ smoker

    Nice find!! I love mine, I've had it a little over a year now. I tell people it's kind of a cross between a offset and a pellet smoker. Smokiness of a offset but control more like a pellet, just needs more babysitting.
  5. smokngun

    Mega Score

    Awesome find!! I would kill for $125 for a 1/2, I paid $145 for an 1/8 last year. Hard to find smoking hardwoods in my area.
  6. smokngun

    50% OFF Discount for Inkbird WiFi BBQ Thermometer with 4 probes-$50

    I would like the code please.
  7. smokngun

    Memorial Day Weekend Menus?

    Had my heart set on brisket and ribs. I have some spares and baby back pork ribs, so today I went to Sam's Club to get a brisket. Walking up to the display case I noticed they had several to choose from and that's when I noticed the price. I was there about 2 1/2 weeks ago and passed because the...
  8. smokngun

    Small sized pellet smokers

    Correct. Johnstown/Milliken area
  9. smokngun

    Small sized pellet smokers

    I have one I am selling in your original price point.
  10. smokngun

    Insulated Fire Box

    Awhile back I was looking at gravity fed smokers and found a custom smoker builder in Michigan. It looks like most of his builds are cabinet style though. Not trying to steer you away from Lang but save a small fortune on shipping.
  11. smokngun

    How is the meat supply in your area?

    I was at my local Sam's Club last Friday and the meat department was pretty much fully stocked, I was eying some Prime grade full packer briskets for $3.28lb. Didn't pull the trigger because the same day I found out at the end of the month I'm getting cut to part time. I'll smoke whatever meat I...
  12. smokngun

    Cinco de mayo taco Tuesday

    I've been saving this 2 1/4 lbs flank steak for today. Marinated with a carne asada rub. And added lime juice and off to the fridge for several hours. Fired up a chimney of B&B mesquite lump for the Weber kettle. Grilled about 2 1/2 mins and turned 90deg then another 2 1/2 and flipped. Same...
  13. smokngun

    Looking for reviews on different Pellets

    Try this to find them locally.
  14. smokngun

    Having difficulty

    Hi and welcome. Those are some tough choices you put out there, I will put my $.02 in. The first thing is, is how much smoke flavor do you want? With the charcoal smokers you will defiantly get more smoke flavor as you are burning hardwood (preferably lump) and wood chunks both producing smoke...
  15. smokngun

    Meat crisis? Nothingburger?

    In our county schools are still serving lunch for the "free lunch" students it is a drive up sack lunch with milk and all. I had to pick up school supplies back in Mar which was also drive up, while waiting they told me to move because I was backing up the lunch line, when I turned around the...
  16. smokngun

    Smoker Beans Question

    I've heard baking soda also helps reduce the butt whistles.
  17. smokngun

    Newbie Just purchased my 1st Smoker

    Nice!! I've owned 2 propane smokers and they are great for beginners. A couple of tips would be pick up a good wireless thermometer like a Maverick or Inkbird. I usually never trust the door thermometers (one of mine was off by 50deg, thought i was at 225 actually only at 175) And stop by the...
  18. smokngun

    First time smoker looking for advice.

    My advice would be do a test run exactly how you have laid out with no food. This will give you an idea of temps with opening the smoker, if you have enough charcoal, how long a foil pack will last, is it enough smoke? I personally would skip the wood chips and go with chunks, but that is just...
  19. smokngun

    What peppers are you growing this year?

    With a knee surgery in Dec, I was unable to do my seed starts in the basement this year, so I am going with local nursery offerings. We went today a picked up a few veggie starts for peppers I got, Jalapeno Serrano And a new one for me, Devil's Tongue Also doing a very popular one from last year...
  20. smokngun

    New smoker reccomendations

    My first recommendation would be to find a local source for your wood, stick burners go through quite a bit of wood. Mine averages 1 split every 30 to 50 min. As far as brands my top 3 would be Shirley Fab, Lang, and Meadow Creek, but there are literally 100's of brands out there.