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  1. tootall87

    Mr T's "Smoked Salmon From Go to Show" w/Q-View

    With a little guidance from Mr T I enjoyed some amazing salmon yesterday. Per his recipe I brined the salmon for 18 hours over night. Quick rinse, pat and air dry for about 2 hours. Smoked over apple for about an hour. Hot damn those babys were good! Thanks for you help Mr T! Tim
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  4. tootall87

    Mr T's "Smoked Salmon From Go to Show" w/Q-View

    Question. I'm looking for a salmon recipe that will be served cold. Texture I'm looking for is the flacky dryer meat that is put on crackers with a spread for an appetizer? Is this that kind of recipe? Very new to smoking fish and want to give it a try. Thanks!
  5. tootall87

    1st overnight brisket. Already done... WTH?

     Brisket was on the top rack in the middle, fat side up. Mav probe was placed in the thickest part of the flat, not quite center, and about 3 inches inside the meat. The smoker temp probe was placed under the brisket on the second shelf. It and the analog gauge both read within 5 degrees of each...
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  8. tootall87

    1st overnight brisket. Already done... WTH?

    Pretty sure the temp was correct. Never had this far off of a cooking time with anything else in the last year. I do have a diffuser. Pizza pan with lots of holes in it. Still kind of blows my mind. Shows I have a lot to learn still.
  9. tootall87

    1st overnight brisket. Already done... WTH?

    Morning gents. Need some smoking wisdom. Had my smoker (uds) for about a year now. I am attempting my 1st brisket. 13#er. Put it on the smoker at 2330 last night. Constant 235-240 temp all night using a maverick. Wrapped at about 0400 @ 160 IT. Woke up at 0700 and it's done. I am so confused...
  10. tootall87

    First Time Smoking a Prime Rib

    A perfect pink throughout the cut. Absolutely beautiful!
  11. My take on chili - Chuck Roast Chili

    My take on chili - Chuck Roast Chili

  12. tootall87

    My take on chili - Chuck Roast Chili

    Thought I'd share my take on chili. I don't see myself changing the recipe very much anymore because it was that good. Started with a chuck roast a little more than 3#s. Smoked it over pecan and apple @250ish for 8 hours to IT of 200. (Took a little longer than I imagine a 3# roast would??...)...
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  15. tootall87

    Sharing my UDS build

    Yup the pipes are there only so you don't have to bend down to adjust the airflow. A Pitmaster IQ is on the list and when I get that I will probably be removing the pipes.
  16. Whole Chickens

    Whole Chickens

  17. tootall87

    Whole Chickens

    Picked up two chickens to smoke. Spatchcocked them. Brined them overnight in the Slaughterhouse Brine. Rinsed in the morning then set in the fridge to air dry on a rack. 4 hours prior to cook I rubbed with EVOO and two different rubs then back in the fridge to dry. Smoked at 275-300* for 4...
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