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    New farm adventure!

    i really like you floor. its awesome. good luck on your adventures animals are always fun well most of the time lol.
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    Blackstone Griddle - To buy or not to buy.....

    that is a freakin awesome idea. im gonna get one. got a nice bonus from work yesterday so a 36" blackstone is coming home tonight after taking mama out to dinner.
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    Taking My Brisket Chili to the Next Level

    the last time i made chili i used smoked brisket hot sausage ground beef and venison. i make a texas style chili with no beans. i do still like a chili with beans but we prefer texas style. i basically use any left overs i have. have even added pulled pork one time it was still a great chili.
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    New to smoking and to forums....

    welcome from illinois melissa. im new here too and have found so much useful info.
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    names mike i like smokin

    Thank you sir that is very very helpful. I need to get down ro my cousins and get the tank cause I don't know exact dimensions. I can't wait to get started on this thing! Here's a couple pictures
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    names mike i like smokin

    thanks for the replies guys. there most definitely is a ton of knowledge in this forum. ive always done good on the smoker. ive wanted to build a big smoker as we have a ton of friends over most every weekend from memorial day to labor day. this year my oldest boy graduates high school and...
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    Wisconsin Get together spring 2023

    i just joined the forum and seen this. im from northern illinois and id be down to come as long as work schedule lines up.
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    names mike i like smokin

    from northern illinois been smoking for about 7 years. found this forum looking for plans for a 275gallon barrel smoker build. so here i am. if anyone know of a good thread to check out let me know. i havent found the build section yet as i stopped here first. thanks muddymike