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  1. will work 4 bbq

    Beef ribs on the parilla

    Thanks for the props guys.
  2. will work 4 bbq

    Won't you take me to Kettle time!!!

    Looks fantastic.
  3. will work 4 bbq

    Poor mans pulled pork fries.

    I'd hit that... Looks great.
  4. will work 4 bbq

    Beef ribs on the parilla

    Hey guys, it's been a while since i've been on here. Went to the mercado yesterday and found some noice meaty beef ribs. Seasoned them with killer hogs AP seasoning and some montreal steak seasoning too. Tossed them on the santa maria and cooked over mesquite lump and hickory chunks. Once it hit...
  5. will work 4 bbq

    Shredded Beef - chuck roast low/slow on Santa Maria grill

    Looks great. I like that cover you used. Did you make that yourself? I just put in an order for a santa maria, its gonna be about a 6 weeks before i get it , cant wait.
  6. will work 4 bbq

    2 more chuck roasts this time from Sam’s club

    Man that looks fantastic! Got my mouth watering over here.
  7. will work 4 bbq

    Tri tip sammys

    Have you tried looking online?
  8. will work 4 bbq

    Tri tip sammys

    No problem.
  9. will work 4 bbq

    Tri tip sammys

    It is a little over done for me too but the lady likes her beef well done :(
  10. will work 4 bbq

    Tri tip sammys

    She just sliced them really thin and soaked them for about 25 min. Then she pats them dry and fries them on medium heat in the oil in batches until they are golden and crispy. Then tosses them with salt n pepper.
  11. will work 4 bbq

    Tri tip sammys

    Hey guys, the wife asked me if i was gonna post this on the forum. Wasn't planning on it but hey what the hell. So i picked up a 3.5 lb. choice Tri Tip (that's all they had) and proceeded to trim and season it. Seasoned with Butt rub and Montreal steak seasoning. Let it sit in a zip lock bag in...
  12. will work 4 bbq

    Lamb Gyros on vertical rotisserie

    Daaaang! that looks really good. My wife is greek and she still hasn't made gyros from scratch :( lol
  13. will work 4 bbq

    Looking for lonestar grillz coupon code

    Hey guys, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a santa maria grill from LSG and was wondering if anyone has any coupon codes or can direct me to a site that does. LSG has an option to add a promo/coupon code at checkout. But none of the ones i found worked. So if anyone can help me save a...
  14. will work 4 bbq

    Sunday feast.

    Thank you. So the Brisket and chicken were cooked the day of so they didnt need reheating. The ribs i left them wrapped and foil and warmed them up in the oven.
  15. will work 4 bbq

    Sunday feast.

    Sure was a ton of work but in tge end it was all good and gravy.
  16. will work 4 bbq

    Sunday feast.

    Thanks for all the kind words guys. Im so glad i found this community. So many kind people with a great wealth of knowledge.
  17. will work 4 bbq

    Chile Mango Glazed St. Louis Ribs

    Looks delicious.
  18. will work 4 bbq

    Sunday feast.

    They sure were.
  19. will work 4 bbq

    Sunday feast.

    Hey guys, so yesterday was my son's 4th birthday celebration. It was some good amount of work to get the house ready, prep and cook. I split my cook session into 2 days. First day i smoked 5 racks of St.Louis style ribs that were seasoned with Butt rub mixed with brown sugar. And yesterday i...
  20. will work 4 bbq

    Not sure how much meat i need.

    I think you're right, that will leave more time for drinking some nice cold ones .