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  1. sota d

    50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned)

    Bear, Congrats and Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs. That's a delicious looking meal, but we would expect nothing less from you! David.
  2. sota d

    Lights - Smoking / Grilling at Night

    I have a 100 watt overhead light on a dimmer switch. I can turn it down for ambient lighting or crank it high to cook.
  3. sota d

    First run baby backs

    Nice job-great looking ribs! Enjoy that new smoker!
  4. sota d

    Installing 2 River County 3" Therms

    If you have a harbor freight near you, they have them for $20.
  5. sota d

    First run baby backs

    Looking good- keep us posted! Nice smoker!
  6. sota d

    Installing 2 River County 3" Therms

    A step drill bit would do the job-but they're not cheap. About $40 at home depot.
  7. sota d


    The wings look great Al! A wood fired WSM, huh? Sounds intriguing. Just got my WSM and have already fallen in love with it after only one smoke! Got to try wings on it-they are my wifes favorite smoked food.  And thanks Case for the dredge recipe-will try that too! Thanks Al for another great...
  8. sota d

    Questions on my brand new MES

    I use mine under a roofed portion of my deck, no problems. They don't put out much smoke and I have plenty of ventilation. If needed, use a fan to blow the smoke outside. Must haves: a dual probe thermometer, such as a Maverick -Todd sells them too. Amznps, good to see you're already looking...
  9. sota d

    Smoking is good for me

    Welcome to the forum. And I agree-our kind of smoking is a good addiction!
  10. sota d

    New to smoking

    Welcome to the forum James.Glad to have you aboard!
  11. sota d

    Butifarra Sausage and the 2016 Annual VFW Chicken Cook & Picnic

    Congrats on a successful cook. Everything looks and sounds great! I've never cooked for nearly that many people, but I'm sure it's got to make you feel good that you did it so well!  Great job, David.
  12. sota d

    Yuk. Pink chicken.

    Looks great! I've brined birds overnight, but never cured. Yours sure turned nice and moist. I just might have to give this a try.  Points for the inspiration! Thanks, David.
  13. sota d

    Pulled Pork on the 22" weber kettle indirect

    Nice! Great looking PP! Thanks for posting, David.
  14. sota d

    Bacon Honey Sriracha Jerky

    Looking good-man, I've gotta get me a dehydrator!
  15. sota d

    Left fridge door slightly open overnight, pork butt at 53 degrees!!

    I would not chance it. Above 40* for more than 2 hours is a no-go. Toss it and live to smoke another day. David.
  16. sota d

    Smoked some St Louis Spares for my in laws

    Nice looking ribs, great job!
  17. sota d

    New from Oklahoma

    Welcome to the forum Jerry! You'll find a lot of great folks here. Happy smokin', David.
  18. sota d

    Got my new smoker

    Great looking smoker and sous chef-I'm sure you're proud of them both! Don't have a gas smoker, but I always do a hi-temp burn off on all new smokers and grills. Enjoy that new smoker, I'm sure you'll turn out some great Q on it!  Points for the nice pix! Happy smokin', David.
  19. sota d

    Beef Ribs on the grill

    Wow! Nice pull back on those ribs, and nice clean bones- must have been really tender! Great cook, thanks for sharing, David. POINT!
  20. sota d

    Moral dilemma.

    What computer?