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  1. dodger9

    Does anyone use Bear Mountain Pellets

    I have been using Bear Mountain pellets for sometime now.  They come in different kinds of wood and do not produce much ash. 
  2. dodger9

    Affordable Cooking Pellets

    That's very interesting.  Thanks for the update
  3. Bacon & Pork Butt

    Bacon & Pork Butt

  4. dodger9

    Bacon & Pork Butt

    Just finished a weekend of smoking bacon and a pork butt on my Rec Tec Grill. I thought I would share photos of the results.
  5. Prk Butt & Bacon on the Rec-Tec.jpg

    Prk Butt & Bacon on the Rec-Tec.jpg

  6. Pork Butt.jpg

    Pork Butt.jpg

  7. dodger9

    New and want to say hi. And have a Rec Tec question.

    I have foiled my Rec-Tec since I started using it and I don't think that it has any effect on the air flow.  I usually replace the foil after 3-4 smokes and the clean up is really easy.  Foil it and smoke away!  Welcome to the group and have fun with your Rec-Tec.
  8. dodger9

    Rec-Tec-ing in Las Vegas!

    Welcome Duane.  I have had my Rec-Tec for a couple of months and just love it and I am sure you will too.
  9. dodger9

    Got My Sear On!!!!

    Wow!  They look great! It's 9 AM here and I am already hungry for a steak dinner (with salad of course)!  Hope you enjoy the Yoder as much as I like my Rec-Tec.
  10. First Prime rib on Rec Tec Grill

    First Prime rib on Rec Tec Grill

  11. dodger9

    First Prime rib on Rec Tec Grill

    Last Saturday I smoked this 18lb Prime Rib on my Rec Tec. My 20 guest just raved about it.  I smoked it for 6 hrs at 225 degrees using hickory pellets.
  12. Prime Rib 7.JPG

    Prime Rib 7.JPG

  13. Prime Rib 6.JPG

    Prime Rib 6.JPG

  14. Prime Rib 4.JPG

    Prime Rib 4.JPG

  15. Prime Rib 2.JPG

    Prime Rib 2.JPG

  16. dodger9

    Grills Marks On a Rec Tec

    Looks great. I'm getting really hungry!
  17. dodger9

    Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast

    Thanks Wolf.
  18. Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast

    Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast

  19. dodger9

    Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast

    Last year I smoked a bone in 10lb turkey breast as well as a 20lb turkey for Thanksgiving.  The turkey was a hit, but the smoked turkey breast was the star for the sandwiches that followed for the weekend.  This year we are visiting relatives and I was asked to bring the smoked turkey breast.  I...
  20. Smoked Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast.jpg

    Smoked Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast.jpg