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  1. illusive hemi

    New Old Country Wrangler Smoker - First Brisket

    I wasn't really pleased with the smoke ring either... But it was my first and I'm planning to smoke another tomorrow.. I guess practice makes perfect.
  2. illusive hemi

    New Old Country Wrangler Smoker - First Brisket

    Good looking briskit!!! I was curious how many lbs was that brisket? I have the wrangler also and for mother's day my wife wanted me to smoke a brisket for her families gathering. It was a little under 9lbs so I figured 10-11 hours of smoke time. Like you I checked my internal temp after 4...
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  4. illusive hemi

    Old Country Wrangler

    I'm referring to the gauge in pit. Seems like I have I stable at 225 and then throw on some meat and it drops the temp down. I agree.. This pit is comfortable at 265-275... For that reason I was thinking about putting a damper on the hole that allows the heat and smoke it to the smoke chamber...
  5. illusive hemi

    Old Country Wrangler

    Yes. Very good looking jerky! I see in the pic you have a holder for your temp probe? Does it give a more accurate temp as apposed to laying it on the smoking surface? Does anybody have issue with temp gauge accuracy after putting on meat? Just wondering..
  6. illusive hemi

    Old Country Wrangler

    I normally run two small logs.. I really struggle with temps. When you put room temp meat on smoker how much does it affect gauge reading? I normally smoke with hickory maple and red oak.. But wind swirling around causes me to burn more wood to keep fire burning..
  7. illusive hemi

    Old Country Wrangler

    I bought my wrangler about 2 moths ago. Its a solid pit.. After a month I had the plates made. I read a thread about the tunning plates and did no understand how he set his up. I had 5 plates cut 3/16 steel 16in by 4 inches. I set them all up and after some adjusting I got the surface 11° from...
  8. illusive hemi

    Large beer butt chicken

    Again.. Sorry if I'm in the wrong spot for questions.. My first time to join a forum.. Have a new wrangler and looking for tips on controlling the temp and what size logs I should be using and good spot to get accurate temp Reading. Thanks
  9. illusive hemi

    South Texas

    Hello.. Name is Aaron not sure if I'm in the correct spot on this forum as this is the first time for me.. So couple of months ago someone gave me a old worn out smoker.. I did my best with it and decided to purchase a new wrangler smoker. I have already seasoned it and tomorrow I'm smoking pork...