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  1. bigmeatsmokin


    Thanks to all who gave me the "courage" to try maple. This past weekend was the first chance I had to fire up the smoker since I posted in Feb requesting info/advice on Maple. I started my endeavor with babyback ribs using 3-2-1 method and hickory for the 3 hours. After the two hours had...
  2. bigmeatsmokin

    new to forum, not to smoking

    Welcome Pigstickr, You'll find a ton of info and frriendly folks eager to answer any questions or provide advice. Good to have you on board. With your background, I'm looking forward to tapping your knowledge base on the subject of meats. B
  3. bigmeatsmokin

    our new webpage

    Vette, Nice job. I like the "Pa's smokin' his meat" quote on the outhouse door. By the looks of your smoker, I'd you could just squeeze that hing out to get all flavor you'd need to fill swimming pool. Nothing like a seasoned smoker.
  4. bigmeatsmokin

    My first try

    Monty, Thanks for the advice. Sounds like you've got a lot of wisdom on a subject near and dear to me. I was thinkin' more on the lines of a "Repunzel" approach but I'm worried the Supreme Court has something to say about that. What do you think they'd say if I super glued a lowjack to her...
  5. bigmeatsmokin

    Anyone use maple?

    Thanks Bill, I saw the topic for Wood IMMEDIATLY after I posted as a general discussion. I'm such the newbie!
  6. bigmeatsmokin


    Florida Bill, Good to know that I'm not the only one with a "less than perfect" experience. Based on how good everone's pictures look, I feel like I'm among the smoking gods sometimes. As far as pictures, I can't seem to fit the buggers into the floppy drive. What gives? Just kiddin'. I'll...
  7. bigmeatsmokin

    Anyone use maple?

    Has anyone used maple in the smoker? So far I've only used hickory, and I love the flavor, but I have loads of maple here in CT. Is it a milder or stronger flavor?
  8. bigmeatsmokin

    My first try

    I took my first shot at jerky a couple weeks ago...when it was 60 degrees in January in Connecticut! Didn't think I'd have the chance to fire up my ECB 'till April at the earliest. Anyway, it came out awesome. I used some london broil that was on sale for 1.79 a pound. Sliced it about 3/8"...
  9. bigmeatsmokin


    Thanks to all of you for such a warm welcome. I'm looking forward to reading all of your successes, and failures(funny how I haven't read to many of those) in the future. I'm truly impressed with the fact you'd all take the time to welcome me on board. Thanks again. John
  10. bigmeatsmokin

    Go easy on me..another yankee on board

    I've been lurking around the board for a month or so. I can tell that the folks here are real helpful and I'm beoming a pretty good BBQer as a result. It's been a little chilly up here in CT to work with my ECB often, but I keep getting the urge every time I visit the forum. It's a good time...
  11. bigmeatsmokin

    Secrets to Great Barbecue

    This is a fun forum but this is a hilarious topic. I'm thinking that posting "the rules of engagement" of BBQ should be placed in plane view of the pit. Maybe in stone tablet form commandment style. Qualified with an "under penalty of death" disclaimer for the attorneys. Jeff: will you let us...