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  1. jhtitan

    New 100 gallon RF build.

    Awesome build!! I just started looking into these today as a possible next build. I have one UDS built and two more in the works but I think I want something bigger. Glad I saw your build as one of the first RF's I looked at, now I am inspired and ready to build. Time to hit the scrap yards and...
  2. jhtitan

    First Build,and New Operator

    damascusmaker, I have 3 pineapple twist handles and a modified pot rack to mount to mine. as soon as I finish the handles. one for the lid and 2 for the drum to move it in and out of the shop. Bit too far to drive over but thanks for the offer. I will keep looking altho I have been toying with...
  3. First Build,and New Operator

    First Build,and New Operator

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  6. jhtitan

    First Build,and New Operator

    Very nice build damascusmaker. I really like that someone else is also doin a bit of forge work on their smoker. Hinges look nice and give me some ideas for mine. Where did you find your adjustable bit for your rack? Something I have been looking for and can't find locally. Thanks and keep...
  7. jhtitan

    UDS question

    Jrod62 this is my UDS as it sits right now. I was getting it up to temp at the time of this pic. Thanks David, I was planning on adding a rack or something to add a heat diffuser soon. I will make that the next add in now. That may be all I need to do. My rack is about 7" down. I am wanting to...
  8. jhtitan

    UDS question

    I recently built my first UDS and I used the drum top as the lid. Is it normal to have a possible hot spot where the large bung opening is? Seems I had one pork chop totally dry up but the rest were perfect. The one I believe was near the bung. Do I need to lower my rack a bit? I am looking...
  9. jhtitan

    My UDS build

    You are correct, I will probably be adding or changing things for as long as I have it. I am still looking for a Weber lid to top it off, I may have one coming tho. We will see.
  10. My UDS build

    My UDS build

  11. jhtitan

    My UDS build

    Hello everyone, I recently decided I wanted to try my hand at smoking meat I love grilling and used to have a large smoker style grill. It had a pan to hold wet wood chips and added a nice flavor to my grilling. Sadly it was done for and my new grill just doesn't compare. Anyway. I didn't get a...
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  15. jhtitan

    Smoking in Missouri

    Hello all, I am new to smoking but I love to cook. I just finished up my first UDS build. I am an avid RC pilot, Blacksmith and carpenter by hobby and Tool and Die Designer and machinist by trade. So far I have only smoked some pork chops in the UDS but man they were the best ever. I have a...