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  1. chris becker

    Hi from Milwaukee

    Hey and welcome, great site, I also have the same smoker along with a few pellet grills. I use 1 of amazin smokers square pellet devices...he makes a tube that is popular also but haven't tried it. I buy cookinpellets pellets for both! they are in racine and close to milwaukee. Look...
  2. chris becker

    Anyone here own a Green Mountain pellet grill?

    Hi All, First off I would like to say I own 3 pellet grills, 1 woodmaster, 1 treager lil tex and 1 treager texas. Love them all, cooked on almost all brands! I have seen Yoders operation and they do make a very good unit. Just finished it late and just after I bought my last treager, I am not...
  3. chris becker

    Drybag Steak Contest - 5 Drybag Steak Starter Kits to be Given Away!

    Chris's Easy Garlic Infused Porterhouse 1 Porterhouse 4 cloves of Garlic 3-5 tablespoons good Cabernet injector I mince the garlic very fine, add the Cabernet to it and let sit for 3-4 hours. I take a 6" meat thermometer and insert the end about 3 inches in the side and move around to...
  4. chris becker

    Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    Here's my take... I only cook to temp, never time. My outside temps are 90 degrees to -5 so that really kills a time thing! I use a pellet grill.  I always use a digital rat tail probe in everything I cook. I do the mustard, seasoning then DARK brown sugar. I start at 225 and leave it...
  5. chris becker

    Howdy from Southeast Wisconsin

    I'm a pellet user and have always loved smoking but wasn't happy with the time I had to spend on stick burners. Not that I don't like stick burners... I just like the available time I get from my pellet grills. Been using one for about 7 years. Seems like a great site with tons of info and I...
  6. chris becker

    Perfect Mix Pellets By Cookinpellets Com

    No one has edited this wiki yet - be the first! The headings below are just suggestions; feel free to make your own. Related Media/Links: Troubleshooting/Known Issues: Had an issue other users should know about? Put it here.  How To...