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  1. golson

    Pitmaker Safe Temps

    All, I have a Pitmaker Safe and had it for a few years but have a question on smoking venison sausage. Is there a way to get the smoker temps at 125F to 145F without buying a cold smoker? I don't want to buy another smoker. I have a Big Green Egg and a Recteq, but none will do any cold...
  2. golson

    Help Me Decide Please......

    Hey all,   I been smoking meat for a while but I am so done with my MES40 that I need a new smoker. My goal is to smoke Jerky, Summer Sausage and all kinds of pork.....So I was just thinking on building a backwoods clone or a fridge smoker. What are your thoughts and how big smoking chamber I...
  3. Need Quick Look Please

    Need Quick Look Please

  4. golson

    Need Quick Look Please

    Hey Folks,    I am going to build my first fridge smoker and I found this fridge. Is this a good fridge to build? Do I need one with a lower compartment? Here are some pics of the fridge. Thanks for any help...greg
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  9. golson

    Help With Summer Sausage Temps

    Thanks guys for comments. I will just have to go back to 80/20 next time around which I know worked for me....
  10. golson

    Help With Summer Sausage Temps

    Hey all,  I have done a couple batches of summer sausage in the past with great results but this time I am very disturbed of what happened. I used a PS seasoning mix with maple cure to do a batch of venison and pork butt. So I changed my ratio just a little bit from 80/20 to 60/40. That might...
  11. golson

    Beef Jerky: Ten Pounds, Two Types (with Pics)

    Kevin, I tried your recipe this wekend and my jerky did not even look like this. I had to smoke for about 12 hours at 150 to get them dried out. Maybe I am doing somethin wrong. After 5 hours my jerky was still moist. This was my first try at a wet marinade so maybe too much moisture in the meat?
  12. golson

    Deer Backstrap for Summer Sausage

    Hello everyone. Has anyone used the backstraps or tenderloins of a deer to make summer sausage? I am about to make some and have about 10 pounds of backstraps........Please let me know...
  13. golson

    Good Spicy Venison Recipe

    Hey folks, I smoked a lot of vension but really could not get that kick in my sausage that I was looking for. I usually do the jalepeno and cheese mix but want a more kick. Does anyone know of a really good spicy or hot venison summer sausage recipe or mix to buy online so I can make sticks...
  14. golson

    Jalapeno & Cheddar deer summer sausage

    Do you dry out the jalepenos in an oven before you mix with meat or just cut it up into little piecess and in the meat? I am making some tomorrow. Need advice...Thanks
  15. golson

    2011 MES 40 VS 2012 MES 40

    I just smoked some salmon yesterday in the new MES 40. I will have to say it did a great job. Very even cooked on the top rack for sure. Here is the negatives: 1) The meat temp probe is off about 10 degrees on the high side. Verified with my Primos remote temp guage. Can't say what the older...
  16. golson

    2012 Masterbuilt Smokers - NEW 30" & 40" Models!

    First smoke on the 2012 MES 40 yesterday. Turned out great. First I smoked pork spare ribs at 225 for 5 hours total. Very moist and uncovered throughout the whole process. I will breakdown the following about the new smoker IMO only....Take it as my thoughts only. 1. The heating element really...
  17. golson

    2012 Masterbuilt Smokers - NEW 30" & 40" Models!

    Just got my 2012 MES40 in today. Inspected all parts in order and went together very easily. The bolts are cheap and easy to strip. The front grease Pan is a neat idea and I like that change. I seasoned it with spam at 275 and this baby kept a very well heat temp. It did take about 45 minutes to...
  18. golson

    2012 Masterbuilt Smokers - NEW 30" & 40" Models!

    I have a new MES 40" coming to me from Bass Pro now. It took a week to get it shipped but I can't wait. I got charged for oversized shipping though. Wonder if I can get a refund for that.....
  19. golson

    MES 30 with AMNPS

    Thanks guys for all your support. I said heck with it and ordered the newMES 40 from Bass Pro....
  20. golson

    AMNPS In 30" Analog MES

    Dave are you saying to drill holes in the smoker itself from the outside?