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  1. timtimmay

    First Pork Butt ?s

    Sorry, the word 'ask' should be 'all'.  When you take tougher cut of meat and cook it slowly, the meat fibers don't cook before the connective tissues have had a chance to 'melt' away.  With the connective tissues rendered out it is much more tender.  If you were cook your butt rapidly, it...
  2. timtimmay

    Smokin' on Folly Beach, SC

    Looks great! I love the cutting board too, where did you get that?
  3. timtimmay

    Mule's question of what to do with points!

    Awesome! I always waste mine on candy!
  4. timtimmay

    First Pork Butt ?s

    Looks like it's moving along. Ask the connective tissue is rendering out during your stall. This is why low and slow can make cuts like shoulder so tender. Keep smokin!
  5. timtimmay

    Bacon lottery

    It's real, but you have to drive to Indiana to buy a bacon flavored lottery ticket. Winner gets 20 years of bacon and $10k.
  6. timtimmay

    Mule's question of what to do with points!

    Awesome! I always waste mine on candy
  7. timtimmay

    Smokin' on Folly Beach, SC

    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to pics of your Q
  8. timtimmay

    New Smoker

    Congrats on the mes! I have an electric also, I wish it was an mes, they seem a ton more reliable.
  9. timtimmay

    First Pork Butt ?s

    There's a million answers to that, which is what makes it such an art. The biggest thing for me is to add small amounts of wood consistently, not large amounts all at once and don't starve out for air. If you have a too much fuel you'll have to choose between it being too hot or staving it...
  10. timtimmay

    First Pork Butt ?s

    Welcome to the obsession! Looks like you got plenty of advice so I won't chime in other that to say welcome and good luck! Butts are very forgiving, you'll do great!
  11. timtimmay

    Smoking Time

    I got one recently and absolutely love it.
  12. timtimmay


    Looks Awesome :points:
  13. timtimmay

    Smoking Time

    Do yourself a favor and keep a log so next time with the same meat you have a good predictor. As the others have said it's done when the thermometer says it's done.
  14. timtimmay

    New cooker losing all heat out of chimney

    Any way you can lower the input point of the chimney will help a lot.
  15. timtimmay

    Ideal moisture content for stick burners

    Wow monkey, that's a stack of sticks! I used charcoal just to get things going then used mostly oak because it is readily available, but I would mix in Apple wood when I got my hands on it. I also threw a smoulder box with different flavored pellets in it. No right answer experimenting is...
  16. timtimmay

    B B B - Briskit, Baby-Backs & Beans

    I'm sure that beat the Heck out of the burgers and dogs most of the graduation parties have, he's got a great grandpa! :points:
  17. timtimmay

    Rotisserie Fried Chicken with a how to and pics.

    That looks amazing, good work! :points:
  18. timtimmay

    From roxborough colorado

    Welcome from another Colorado smoker!
  19. timtimmay

    Smoked 1/2 Chicken

    I cook mine similar to dirt. If time allows I'll give an hour of smoke at low temps before cranking it up in the 300s
  20. timtimmay

    Long time lurker

    Welcome aboard! Several of us are Colorado folks. Friends in your own backyard you didn't even know about! What part of Colorado do you hail from? I'm in the north.