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  1. joedube70

    SOLD - For Sale Rec Tec 700 - NE Ohio

    Aurora How about you?
  2. joedube70

    SOLD - For Sale Rec Tec 700 - NE Ohio

    Selling my Rec Tec 700 pellet smoker. The cooker is just under 2 years old. Cooker is in good shape - see pics Asking $700.00 Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. joedube70

    Rec Tec Bullseye; D.O.A.

    Sorry to hear that! Good luck!
  4. joedube70

    Something to sip on

    I am also a bourbon guy. Blanton's on the top of my list with Bookers right there as well. Not usually a crown fan. The wife's uncle came down from Canada and brought a bottle of Crown rye..must say that is pretty good..I keep at least one of those bottles around for casual drinking. The wife...
  5. joedube70

    First time smoking bone-in pork shoulder

    Sounds like you are right on schedule. You will stay around this temp for a while. Since each piece of meat is different it is hard to say how long. Personally I would not wrap the shoulder...unless you need to speed up the cook time. there will be bark loss / softening from wrapping. With...
  6. joedube70

    New Traeger owner

    Welcome from Cleveland
  7. joedube70

    exceeding every exspectation, so far

    Brisket looks nice! Thanks for the info.
  8. joedube70

    First Pork Butt on Rec Tec Bull

    Looks good! How was your smoke flavor? What did you use for pellets? I have 2 shoulders for the bull this weekend. I am using CookinPellets 100% hickory pellets.
  9. joedube70

    What’s up bbq family!

    Welcome from Cleveland
  10. joedube70

    exceeding every exspectation, so far

    Happy to hear you are having a good time with your pit. I have had my 700 for almost 2 weeks. Only been able to cook on it twice. Both of my cooks have been high temp. I am amazed how fast this thing comes back to temp after having the lid open. Of course right now the lid is open more than...
  11. joedube70


    Do what you and your guest want! That is really the only people who matter. :)
  12. joedube70

    Smoked Turkey Breast

    Looks good! Nice job
  13. joedube70

    Matambre a la pizza

    WOW!! I like! Nice job!
  14. joedube70

    Ohio newbie

    Welcome from Cleveland
  15. joedube70

    Hi guys

    Welcome from Cleveland
  16. joedube70

    question: smoking chuck for tacos

    Here is a rub I am trying today on chicken. Making smoked pulled chicken for tacos. Can't say for sure how good or balanced but it is a good starting point. Also there is no salt since I dry brine most meats. 3 tsp. chili powder 2 1/2 tsp. paprika 2 1/4 tsp. cumin 1 1/4 tsp. onion powder 1/4...
  17. joedube70

    Brisket burgers

    Sounds great! Thanks!
  18. joedube70

    Brisket burgers

    Looks great! I need to make some brisket burgers. Did you grind up the flat and point together? How much trimming did you do on the briaket.?
  19. joedube70

    New kid on the block

    Welcome from Cleveland relax and enjoy the journey!