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  1. mco

    from my greenhouse to garden

    good eye, everything's hard wired now, those were temp connections making sure everything worked
  2. mco

    from my greenhouse to garden

    I just saw this or I would have peplyed earlier, and yes I did, it called a tigger melon,its in the cantalope family, smells wonderful but is very bland tasting
  3. mco

    Pork & Brew contest Rio Rancho,NM 6/7&8th

    This week-end is the annual Pork and Brew in Rio Ranch,New Mexico  I was just wondering if any teams from SMF will be compeating, If so I'll stop by and say hello Marty
  4. mco

    Habanero Revenge

      DO NOT read  this if you have to  pee.... > > > I went to the Home Depot  recently while not being altogether sure > that course  of action was a wise one. You see, the previous  evening > I had prepared and consumed a massive quantity  of my patented 'you're > definitely going to P** ...
  5. mco

    How Many Veterans on SMF?

    USN EN4 USS Preserver ARS8  navy salvage diver 2nd class USS JKF CVA67 plank owner Jan 1966  Dec 1970
  6. mco

    Chili Cook-off

    New Mexico Chili Cook-off   If you can read this whole story without laughing, then there's no hope for you.  I was crying by the end.  This is an actual account as relayed to paramedics at a chili cook-off in New Mexico .  Note: Please take time to read this slowly.  If you pay attention...
  7. mco

    Finally Retired (after a couple of failed attempts)

    Well it won't belong before you start missing your week-ends and holidays
  8. mco

    Who likes the McRib sandwich from McDonald's?

    I don't think its real food,my dog wouldn't eat  it either
  9. mco

    Tic Tac Toe

    For those of you that think they know how to play Tic Tac Toe
  10. mco

    Greenhouse update Pics 10/16 Updated 10/25

    Wow that sure looks great,I hope the wind dosen't cause you any damage
  11. mco

    Anybody besides me watching Hairy Bikers

    I just sorta stumbled upon this, its on the history channel mostly entertaining  and not so much to learn , but fun watching a guy eat a bulut jaloka pepper, spearing bull frogs, making barbecue sauce, and a dutch oven cooking contest
  12. mco

    Overwintering More Chili Plants.. More Help Needed 10/25

    Dave I kept a Thai in the house all last winter and it did fine, the peppers just dried on the bush, follow Rivets directions and if you don't forget to water it, you can plant it again next summer.I've got a hab that I'll keeping in a pot this winter.
  13. mco

    from my greenhouse to garden

    I'm still picking quit a few maters,and peppers,lemon cucs are still happening and melons are getting ripe This the Piel Del Sapo  sweet as honey We cracked open the watermelon that the squirrel had been messing with. It is really sweet near the rind and has  kind of a cinnamon taste near...
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  17. mco


    Just voted, looks like your winning with 76 votes, great looking bird
  18. mco

    from my greenhouse to garden

    Picked a few maters, peppers,squash,onions shallots. lemon cucumber,eggplant and cavalaseito which is an immature pumpkin I roasted about a dozen of the New Mexico Green chillis. Looks like the season might last a little longer than usual, I have several melons on the vine that might just make...
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