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    Smoking Drums & Thighs Need some tips

    Hi everyone. I have an electric smoker, char broil stand up cabinet style. I’m having a little Christmas party this weekend. I am smoking abunch of wings and drums. Why I have had some success in the pass doing it I’m just looking to step it up a notch. Anybody have any tips or pointers. I...
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    Beginner To Smoking Meat

    Okay this makes me wonder how often should chips be changed out. I’ve been leaving them in entire smoke cause I’m only smoking 4-5 hours and filling chip box up? I also am afraid when I open smoker to adjust anything I lose all of my heat? Should I not worry about that
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    Beginner To Smoking Meat

    First off I want to start off by apologizing in advance if this is posted in the wrong thread. I smoked some spare ribs from Sam’s club for my fiancé and I this weekend. I just bought a new charbroil electric smoker cabinet style. I’ve also just learned about wagyu beef tallow and am new to...