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  1. kydave

    Char-Griller Duo with Side Fire Box – disappointed

    Hi everyone! I've been a little busy selling my business and my house and moving to the wild west (Tucson, AZ) to start another business. We found a great place but it is a rental so I have decided that even with all of my "complaints" posted above, I'm still going to get a new Duo for the new...
  2. kydave

    corned beef to pastrami, is it that easy?

    Didn't mean to hijack - just got over involved I guess. Sorry.
  3. kydave

    corned beef to pastrami, is it that easy?

    Thanks everyone for the great information. Mine turned out terrific! I soaked the 3.5 lb corned beef in water for almost two hours. I smoked it at 225 for what turned out to be 9 hours (answers that question). I rubbed it with ground black pepper, coriander and the CB spice pack (powdered)...
  4. kydave

    corned beef to pastrami, is it that easy?

    Crickey - a 13 pound corned beef? I've never seen that at Sam's. I purchased the biggest one they had - 3.5 lbs - and will be smoking it today. Had a slight change of plans yesterday but am all set for some tasty pastrami tonight. Slight change of plan - I will soak it in water for an hour...
  5. kydave

    corned beef to pastrami, is it that easy?

    Hello SMF, Wife says to me, "Isn't pastrami just smoked corned beef?" And I say, "That's what they say on SMF." A quick search and voila! Now I have a plan! Smoking this afternoon, q-view tomorrow in a new thread - even if it sucks.  Plan - rinse, dry and rub packaged corned beef (Sam's Club)...
  6. kydave

    How to peel a head of garlic in less than ten seconds!!

    It works great with plastic bowls! Did 4 pounds of garlic over the holidays this way. Was making garlic powder for Christmas presents.
  7. kydave

    My Outdoor Kitchen

    I want one. Looks awesome!!
  8. kydave

    Christmas Day Roast Beef (w/photos)

    Thanks guys!  After wrestling with my oven, it may be easier to keep the temp constant in the smoker. (grin)
  9. kydave

    Christmas Day Roast Beef (w/photos)

    Since I didn't make this on the grill or in the smoker, I'm not sure if this is appropriate. I oven roasted two eye of round roasts and since I've learned so much from you guys, I thought I would share. This is from a blog post I made this morning. If it's not appropriate, please let me know or...
  10. kydave

    Updated with Q-view; Odd request for an injection, or so I think. Your input please.

    I like the food coloring idea. HA! Good luck with it.
  11. kydave

    Pastrami 1.0 w/ Q-Views

    WOW - Now I'm inspired. I saw a slicer like that on CL for the same price, I should have picked it up. Darnit.
  12. kydave

    Fresh Italian Sausage with Pix

    Looks great. Italian is the only sausage that I've perfected though I've not attempted to make links yet, just bulk. Your recipe looks similar to mine. I add a little wine and mix it with the dry ingredients before pouring it on the meat. It adds moisture, flavor and I think it helps spread the...
  13. kydave

    Sausage tips?

    I read it and I'm still going to cook my bacon well done. Just living on the edge I guess. Thanks for posting that chef!
  14. kydave

    When Did You Start Smoking?

    That's cool! I started last year. 
  15. kydave

    A new BBQer from Germany

    Willkommen -  Dies ist ein  großartiger Ort, um  zu teilen und  zu lernen. Or - Welcome - This is a great place to share and learn. h/t to Google translator tools. (grin)
  16. kydave

    In A Funk, Help Me Out

    How about fish, crab, shrimp???? I did a quick search and this page came up ( Seems like it has some potential. Good luck with the funk. I've found that when it happens to me, I make what I do best - it's kind of a reward for all the other things I've tried...
  17. kydave

    "Help" Built it for myself...

  18. kydave

    Rib Eye Roast dinner.....qview....updated

    Looks great - someday I'll find the courage to do one of those. 
  19. kydave

    Merry Christmas to my new SMF friends.

    Thanks guys... it was a job but it was worth it!
  20. kydave

    Newbie from Kentucky

    Welcome aboard McGuyver!!! This place is great! Can't wait to see what your new smoker can do.