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  1. graybeard

    Smokers, Whats your age and how long have you been smoking???

    Wow, time flies when yer smokin. I joined here about 8 years ago and still smokin a couple times a week and sometimes on my egg. yeah, I bought an egg because I wanted to try all smokers and its convenient. Oh, I'm 67.
  2. graybeard

    Wishing all the very best smoke ever in 2016.

    Thought I wood drop in to see what's new and who's new at the forum. Sorry to hear about Ron Paul. I'm well and still smokin. Don't tell anyone butt I bought a green egg a few years back butt still like my stick burner the best! Graybeard.
  3. graybeard

    New deep fryer

    Nice use of materials and X grill! beard
  4. graybeard


    How thick is the metal? beard
  5. graybeard

    large propane tanks for sale. Panama City - $20 each! What a deal! beard
  6. graybeard


    Smoker/Grill - $200 (Sharpsburg) Date: 2010-06-13, 12:54PM EDT Reply to: [email protected][Errors when replying to ads?]   Smoker/Grill: Home built smoker. The fire box is 18" Schedule 40 pipe with two rack locations. The fire box is also a grill. There is an adjustable air...
  7. graybeard

    Cutting my brisket in half?????/

    I picked up a 12 pounder @ Kroger and onec I got it home I'm not sure I want to smoke the whole thing. (it's just too much meat). Is it OK to cut it in half and which 1/2 wood be better? Thanks!! beard
  8. graybeard

    I Knew I Didn't Feel Well But Not This Bad!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey ronp, sounds like it's time to go on a banana diet! I (drink) two a day along with a protein shake, yogart, milk and a raw egg! Be well!! beard
  9. graybeard

    Can we have an OT thread about music videos?

    PM jeff and just ask. beard
  10. graybeard

    Weber Smokey Mountain or UDS????

    I like hands on and saving money! I'm building a UDS very soon. beard
  11. graybeard

    What are you smoking this weekend?

    Talk about a late start!! Put on ribs at 3:45 (PM) and one small butt at 4:00 (PM). Sometimes I guestion my sanity!! Corn will go on AT 7:00.
  12. graybeard

    Gotta love Saturday morning yardsales.

    Good eye, bmudd! beard
  13. graybeard

    baffle for brinkmann SnP

    Once again, a stove broiler pan works wonders. Adding water to it makes it even better. beard
  14. graybeard

    Just a Little Info: Pork, The Other White Meat

    I personally like my slogan; PORK, IT DOES THE BODY GOOD! We need to come up with something that shouts healthy! Until then here's one to laugh about. Mooo-ve over beef, we're taking over. It's really hard to change the image of a pig! beard
  15. graybeard

    Just a Little Info: Pork, The Other White Meat

    Interesting concept! Let's put our heads together and see what WE can come up with. Hey Jeff, are you listening?? beard
  16. graybeard

    First Butt and first pic upload...hope it works

    hello bunk, what kinda smoker did you use? beard
  17. graybeard

    Smoke the full time or just a little while?

    Yep, what ronp said! beard
  18. graybeard

    tuning plates

    You sure can! Prolly one is all you will need and I try to keep my full of water. Place it next to the fire box and move it away 1/4 to 1 inch. beard
  19. graybeard

    How to get Rank at Smoking Meat Forums

    Hey Jeff, I like the way you think!! I also like the idea and the names as well. Guru is my target! beard
  20. graybeard

    Buying a Maverick Therm.

    I don't own one butt a dual probe seems to be the way to go. I have 3 Acu-Rites that I like a lot. beard