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  1. backwoods901

    Smoking a whole turkey

    looked good and looks like something i will have to try in the near future
  2. backwoods901

    Great Day For A Picnic

    Looks awesome! I got one in now does not look that good yet.
  3. backwoods901


    I think I accomplished the basics when it comes to temp and at least having something edible. Now for the Vets here i was trying to get some different ideas of what to smoke and new things to try for my family. chicken, pork butts, turkey legs are the usual things i smoke. i was wondering how...
  4. backwoods901

    new guy here.

    thanks Al, im ready to learn more and become better at smoking
  5. backwoods901

    new guy here.

    thank you im excited as well to learn more
  6. backwoods901

    new guy here.

  7. new guy here.

    new guy here.

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  10. backwoods901

    new guy here.

    i have a butt in the smoker right now at work its a walmart smoker i modified ill get  pic of her and post it she works pretty well. I saw some skin their butts I always leave mine on is there a difference?
  11. backwoods901

    new guy here.

    How is it going all, My names Seth im an avid smoker have been going for about 4 years now. I am trying to branch out a little beyond the whole chickens, pork butts etc and want to learn as much as i can from you guys on here. I have a dyna glo smoker that i modified to get better results. I...
  12. backwoods901

    Just Bought a Char-Broil Vertical Box Smoker! Any Mods for Me?

    If its the same one i have from walmart i can send ya picture of what i did pretty redneck but she works very well.
  13. backwoods901

    New guy here,

    Good morning all, My names Seth Active duty coast guard i am a diesel mechanic by trade but i also love welding im originally from PA but currently reside in eastern nc. i love smoking different types of meats i joined here to get so better ideas and more advice for me and my father he is up in...