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  1. Catfish61x

    Pizza/bagel oven attachment

    Not sure if your still around or not but i gotta say great job. Would you mind if i ask how tall it is ?
  2. Catfish61x

    Big Bad BBQ Rub Smoked Chicken

    Thank you
  3. Catfish61x

    Big Bad BBQ Rub Smoked Chicken

    Im new here and love trying different rubs Your chicken looks awesome. Where can i find the recipe for the Big Bad BBQ Rub ?
  4. Catfish61x

    SMF Premier Membership

    I'm in Thanks to paypal. Thanks for a great forum. Lots of great people Lots of great info
  5. Catfish61x

    Uploading pictures

    Even if i go to more options and click on preview i still cant see the pic till i post it
  6. Catfish61x

    Uploading pictures

    When i uploaded it nothing happened. I didnt see the pic till i posted the reply. Just like now
  7. Catfish61x

    Uploading pictures

    It showed up after i posted it but i wasnt sure till then
  8. Catfish61x

    Uploading pictures

    lets try this
  9. Catfish61x

    Uploading pictures

    Yes . My system is up to date. Let me Uninstaller it and try again
  10. Catfish61x

    Uploading pictures

    I don't seem to be able to upload pics unless I use Firefox. When I go to upload a pic ,it acts like its going through the motion but nothing is happening
  11. Catfish61x

    Uploading pictures

    I use Chromium Browser on Linux. Im unable to upload pics . In order to upload pics i have to do it in firefox which i dont like using . Is there a way to fix this problem ?
  12. Catfish61x

    The CharGriller Owners Group Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

    Just got my first Char-Griller 5050 this past summer I have to say its the best grill i have ever used. Ill never use any other grill 43930178954_8d9f028228_o by Catfish61x posted Dec 29, 2018 at 10:25 AM
  13. Catfish61x

    Outdoor kitchen

    First off i hope this is the right place to post this. Next spring we are going to add on to our deck for my outdoor kitchen. In a back room at work is a kitchenette. The boss man said i could have it and i cant wait to get it home. Here are some pics of it still at work.
  14. Catfish61x

    Bulk spices

    This is for the people that grow your own spices or buy in bulk. Where do you buy your bottles to keep them in? We buy alot of bulk spices and need to find some bottles to save space
  15. Catfish61x

    Hello from Huntingdon County Pa.

    I also did a little flat trackin way back in the day. Had a 750 H-D that i ran for 3 years. Than did some enduro racin for a couple years. Than did 6 years Army which is the best thing i ever did. Also raced go karts , sprint cars and E mods. Now i go to watch the younger guys run around the...
  16. Catfish61x

    Hello from Huntingdon County Pa.

    Thanks for the warm smokey welcome
  17. Catfish61x

    5-Day Smoking Basics eCourse

    I also get ... there is a problem with my request, admin has been notified when i tried to sign up. I used joesgarage17066 at gmail dot com
  18. Catfish61x

    Hello from Huntingdon County Pa.

    Im fairly new here and have learned a lot already. Im originally from Oklahoma but lived in Ohio for many years. Moved to Pa. in 2001 and cant seem to get out now. I work i a factory making roof curbs for commercial A/C units. I love smokin, grillin, my grankids and great grankids also love dirt...
  19. Catfish61x

    Homemade cold smoker

    Has anyone made their own cold smoker? I have a unlimited supply of wood from work ad want to save a little money,( yes i'm cheap ) . If you did could you please post pics of yours ?
  20. Catfish61x

    camp chef flat top griddle...

    I also have the blackstone 36 inch flat top and love it. You can cook a whole breakfast on it.