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  1. zapper

    Picked egg question

    Let them "Rot" was a little sarcastic or cynical I suppose. I could have said "age or ripen" But the older the eggs before you boil them the better they peel is for sure. Anyone not believing can buy a dozen and boil half when new and wait a week or ten days and do the other half to see for...
  2. zapper

    Electric smoker bought at yardsale

    I have had at least four of these over the years (rain will make the bottom rust out) they are about the simplest type smoker there is to use, almost set it and forget it the bottom pan is usually partially filled with lava rocks to help maintain the heat although there are threads out there...
  3. zapper

    Picked egg question

    Ahhh....... Pickeled eggs........ I aint no expert, but I have eaten a few and make them a couple of times a year. Like alot of folks are saying, good corner bars of the old days used to just leave the jar on the bar but I opt to keep them in the fridge I dont have a hard and steady formula...
  4. zapper

    Words Of Wisdom

    some true words there
  5. zapper

    Hadn't planned on this....

  6. zapper

    for the guys who weld themselves

    I would have to research it, but I doubt that you could find a current model or equivalent for the same money. The problem is that any current model is gonna have just a little more of something either amps, knobs, gauges, do hickies or whatever, to make a real comparison harder. And then you...
  7. zapper

    for the guys who weld themselves

    We just got a Miller 211 at work after "loosing" a 145 to the local theives. I wished we had a smaller wire to push through it to help me out welding a 18 gauge door jamb the other day. Could be my lack of practice and weld speed that gives me fits trying to weld thin stock. It is only like a...
  8. zapper

    for the guys who weld themselves

    Check out it is a pretty good site as far as being user freindly and explaining the advantages of different processes or types of welding I say that what it boils down to is that MIG is as about as simple as it gets for laying a bead. You can use a self sheilding wire or add a...
  9. zapper

    Ss Double Door Electric Smoker

    SUH>>>>>>WEET!!!! I am half jealous myself. A few years ago we were scrapping restraunt equipment a couple of times a year and now that I have a use....nothing! Nice looking rig. I say that there are two extremes to BBQ pits. An old brick wood burning pit and a new shiney SS walk-in...
  10. zapper

    Worm Composting (PiCS)

    Well, if you are gonna be raising fish food, you should be raising fish too! Search for an old article about raising catfish in a barrel
  11. zapper

    Okay guys lighter fluid or not

    I am supprised that they even still sell lighter fluid. I still know folks that use it and even after the coals are all white with ash I can still smell residual (sp) fuel if not from the charcoal directly then the surounding ash and cooking chamber. I use a charcoal chimney and have three or...
  12. zapper

    I'm From the Govt. ... and I'm here to help; PG 13

    That would be funny if it were not so close to the truth
  13. zapper

    Pickled Eggs W/ Q-VIEW

    @JonFoster and all Peeling boiled eggs has more to do with their age than any cooking stratigy. Basically let them rest in the fridge for about a week or so before cooking and they will peel much easier. I have also heard that storing them on their side and rotating them will help center the...
  14. zapper

    New Smoker Question

    When the heat and smoke is going to be in contact with the food I suggest that "Lump" charcoal or "pre -burned wood" be used. Lump charcoal is basically wood that is pre-burned in a low oxygen environment and packaged for sale to us by others. We can also make our own Lump charcoal by...
  15. zapper

    no foil for babybacks?

    Adjust the foil time or open the foil packet for about half of the time. If you have a smoker that holds or recovers the heat quickly from being open often then mopping often with less or no foil time is a good and really the traditional option. My problem is that I use a brinkmann electric...
  16. zapper

    Pickled Eggs W/ Q-VIEW

    I like to make a batch before the holidays and then Devil them. I got to get a large gallon plus glass jar with the rubber gasket and wire bale to seal the lid. My wife has warped like my last three or four plastic jars in the dishwasher
  17. zapper

    Bad Byrons Butt Rub?????

    Eh... Middle of the road. I have used it a couple of times but I always tend to "Doctor-Up" anything store bought with a little extra of whatever I have on hand. I figured it was cheap and handy and like I said Middle of the road. That is, it wont offend too many folks by being too much of any...
  18. zapper

    Gravity feed smoke box???

    crd26a Ill take you up on that PM if you feel posting your opinions or reasons for buying what you did is improper. I have read just about all of the clone builders post at a couple of sites and feel like an armchair professional on the topic but no real hands on expeirence Any ideas of what...
  19. zapper

    Gravity feed smoke box???

    Yep, Meathunter has the site I was thinking of. (I couldnt recall my password)
  20. zapper

    Gravity feed smoke box???

    Do a search for "Stumps Smokers" or Stumps clones Ther is a guy here in GA., "Stumps", that makes a line of smokers based on the self feeding and super insulated cooking chamber concepts. I have read alot about them at other forums and "Stumps" has even chimed in to answer questions and...