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  1. da maxx

    Beef Jerky

    Todd, it does look good. Does this tumbler reduce the time when using curing mix\salt as well ?
  2. da maxx

    Curing Salt vs. Sugar

    Morton makes a curing Sugar. According to their website, it's complete interchangeable with Tender Quick. "Only Morton174 Tender Quick174 and Morton174 Sugar Cure174 PLAIN are interchangeable measure for measure. Morton174 Sugar Cure174 Smoke Flavored is used for DRY curing ham and bacon only."...
  3. da maxx

    MES Mailbox Mod! for use with AMNPS

    Here's picts of the Flat mailbox mod. And the box. So I loaded up a row and a half. I removed the chip tray from inside the smoker. Left everything else. Worked fine. Smoke the entire time.
  4. MES Mailbox Mod! for use with AMNPS

    MES Mailbox Mod! for use with AMNPS

  5. DSC00280.JPG


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  7. da maxx

    MES Mailbox Mod! for use with AMNPS

    How hot does the mail box get ? Underneath? I'm working on the same concept. However, I bought the flat style box. AMNPS fits with little space around it. I thought this would improve the smoke drafting. Hope to finish it this weekend.
  8. da maxx

    My MES 30 Mods

    lkrus, With the AMNPS, I guess you don't need the chip tray. However, I would consider no holes. You wouldn't want the element getting any drippings. You may also want to consider a heat shield between the element and where the AMNPS would sit. Otherwise you might ignite other rows during a long...
  9. da maxx

    Beef Jerky. Cure or Not ? Safe ?

    I've read numerous posting on Jerky and have done about 15-20 batches on my MES30. I've noticed that most use some kind of Jerky curing mix. I have never used a curing mix and wondering on the difference. I've tried different home based recipes. Most soy sauce based. My favorite recipe is using...
  10. da maxx

    First time making jerky in the smoker (Q-view to follow soon)

    I should read my posting better before hitting the "submit" button. I meant to say it doesn't produce "smoke", well below 200 degrees.
  11. da maxx

    First time making jerky in the smoker (Q-view to follow soon)

    ihocky2, I have the MES30 vs. MES40. I've done about 15-20 batches of beef jerky. The MES30 doesn't produce, well, below 200 degrees. The AMNPS is perfect when making jerky or cold smoking. Just a thought.
  12. da maxx

    New to smoking, hoping for some equipment advice

    KJ, sorry for not being clear. I would opt for the MES30. Not the newest MES30 with the added features. I think the added features of the MES30 @$179 will be a better investment from the Master Forge. Save yourself the headache and enjoy the taste.
  13. da maxx

    New to smoking, hoping for some equipment advice

    I just quickly looked at the Master Forge.  And a few things real quick. The MES 30 is insulated. It will work great and maintain steady temps in all kinds of weather outside. Secondly, you can set a temp and it will maintain the settings for the duration. I have the older MES30 without the...
  14. da maxx

    New 30" MES - got it!

    Congrats. Remember don't peek. It prolongs the cooking time.
  15. da maxx

    Maverick ET 732 question

    The smaller butt may not be the first to get done. The stall time varies alot between the cuts. I had 2 boston butts which were the same weight, same brand, bought the same day. There was a 2.5 hours difference for them to reack 195.
  16. da maxx

    Help with Beef Jerky in my MES 30

    I have the MES30 and AMNPS. I've made about 8 batches of jerky. The family loves them. Seem to be making jerky at least once a week. I've read postings from some who have made their own rubs and some recommend using Hi-Country Kits. Is there a significant difference, other than flavor? Have only...
  17. da maxx

    New Masterbuilt 30" Electric Smoker

    Thanks for the great pictures. Love the redesign of the drip tray system. Looks like plenty of room to place the AMNPS below the chip trap, without fear of being dripped on. Very impressive looking unit. Jealous now. Let us know of the smoking outcome.
  18. da maxx

    Smoke generating problems

    smktr, I agree with others here. Pull the chip tray out, all the way til the door can close. Then pull the chip loader about 1.5 to 2 inches, maybe all the way with your altitude. Also ensure that the drippings are not falling on the pellets. I also use a 3 inch 90 degree elbow on the vent for...
  19. da maxx

    My Chargriller Duo

    So the charcoal holder is inside the grill, under the cooking surface ?
  20. da maxx

    Hello from the rainy city, Seattle.

    SeattleBBQ, I also had a little chief smoker. I upgraded to the Masterbuilt MES30. The insulated\electric smoker maintains temp very easy. There's lots of forums to read depending on what you're looking for. The Weber WSM is the choice for most who prefer charcoal. The MES is great for long...