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    Salt Pork vs Fatback

    Any thoughts on using salt pork vs fatback as an ingredient in home made bratwurst? I am smoking them and am using mostly pork shoulder and some hanger steak. many of you have given me helpful thoughts in another post. thanks
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    Smoking Homemade Bratwurst without casing...

    One last question before I begin my quest to make these - what are your thoughts on Salt Pork vs Fatback as an ingredient?? Thank you!
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    Smoking Homemade Bratwurst without casing...

    Thank you both so much! Will be making this weekend and will report back! Alex
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    Smoking Homemade Bratwurst without casing...

    I have never done this but am excited to make my own brats with pork and beef and smoke them. I don't like casings so am going to form "logs" (maybe the shape of a Twinkie) and smoke them. My plan is to refrigerate after forming so they can firm up, then place them on the smoker and likely...